Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Two Choices for Health Care:
Less Bureaucracy or More

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Improved Medicare for All:
Single-Payer Health National Insurance

Less Government
and the Use of a Single Public Agency
U.S. Congress Plan

Expansion of Government
and Keeping the “Middlemen”

Primary Savings or Cost

Save over $400 billion/year

Spend over $80 billion/year
not including the increased spending of individuals, families or the states
= more taxes

Size of Government


Fewer government programs
Replace bureaucracy with better health care


More government programs; expand existing ones; more regulations and regulators = more taxes

Government Takeover regarding our money


Takeover of estates

Estate Recovery:
Take property/money when Medicaid patients die

Government Controls


We want choices, not government controls.


Pay or be automatically enrolled.
Forced, mandated insurance. Pay or be fined by IRS.
Tax evasion: if you don’t pay the fine, go to jail.

Premiums to health insurance companies


Citizens (who can) pay into one national fund, like traditional Medicare, that pays medical bills. Citizens have little or no additional costs; they pay much less and get much more.

Increased (more than ever)

Complex and expensive. Maintains the “middlemen.” Premium assistance (our taxes) given to those earning high incomes as well as low.



medically-necessary care for everyone


Variations among thousands of plans among over 1300 health insurance companies

Number of Persons without Health Insurance


Everyone is automatically included; all ages.

Millions with no insurance

Will you or someone you know be left out?

Major Medical Bills to Patients



Financial, Physical, Emotional Stress due to medical costs

Dramatically reduced

Peace of mind for all regarding medical bills.


Hardships will expand to more people.

Cost per Person

Dramatic savings


How to Get Single-Payer:
Satisfy the President’s Mandate

Improved Medicare for All, no longer privatized:
single-payer health insurance

June 2003:
Past position: strong support for single-payer
April 2007:
Recommendation during campaign:
send 1,000 to 2,000 letters from every U.S. Congressional District to U.S. Representatives. He said that he must have a mandate from the people. His staff confirmed that letters are to be sent by U.S. Mail.


Current position: no support: We, the people, have not yet sent his recommended number of letters to satisfy his mandate.

Action to take:

Sign up to make one call plus get excellent help to letters to U.S. Representatives** to get support.

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We want the peace of mind of knowing that we and our families will get quality health care with no major medical bills.

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Universal Health Care, Improved Medicare for All as per U.S. House Resolution 676
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