Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.


Internal to the Medicare for All Teams.
Thanks for being a team player on this activity of giving feedback! **
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Feedback on
the order of priority of four messages
that appear on promotional items.
Feedback requested July 30, 2011.


Messages and results
Last update 7/31 about 5:30 a.m. EST
based on 12 sets of feedback

Feedback on order of prioirty

When someone indicated that they would not consider a specific
message(s) as appropriate, I assigned a 5, an extra low priority.
When there is a ? of uncertainty, that is removed from the calculation.

Everybody In. Nobody Out.
   Rank so far = 1 ... chosen as #1 by 11 people
111311211121113 .... total 21 ave 1.6
Get more. Pay Less. Cover Everyone.
   Rank so far = 2 ... chosen as #1 by  3 people
232123142213322 .... total 33 ave 2.5
More jobs. Better health.
   Rank so far = 3 ... chosen as #1 by  1 person **
5432424333422-1 .... total 41 ave 3.1
Show card and get care.
   Rank so far = 4
5244343244344-4 .... total 46 ave 3.5
** Bob: I did not vote.

Comments that were included::

The first set of feedback: "I prefer (#1) by far."

The third set of feedback: "All are good.  I could easily change my vote."

The 12th set of feedback: "I like #1 because it is all inclusive."

The 15th set of feedback: "


** About being on a "team": This is recognition of contributions. If you are new on the participants "team" and this is the only additional contribution you have made beyond signing up, contact Bob if you want to do more to help.



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