Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Explaining Bottomline - Charts

bottomline = “What Every American Should Know”

Below we explain the charts for your background information, either for basic awareness or for ideas in presenting the information to others. — Bob and reviewers


  • bottomlinechart1 = general public, standalone
  • bottomlinechart2 = for members of U.S. Congress
  • bottomlinechart3 = simple version for those who want one

Features of bottomlinechart1

  • Physical appearance and functions:
    • one sheet, double-sided
    • flow chart(s) on one side and the Medicare for All logo on the other side
    • reading on-line provides hyper-links to more information as per the links listed below
    • identified at top of each side as part of “What Every American Should Know” Resources
  • Visual comparison of current health care and Improved Medicare for All
  • Displays and also states “complex” and “simple”
  • Visually indicates that many costs will disappear
  • Provides a few notes about the new law of March 2010
  • Both sides provide the full link (when printed) to:
    • the website via, which is a solid to
    • the Answers web page to provide answers to questions

What Every American Should Know about Improved Medicare for All

  • Get More. Pay Less. Cover Everyone.
  • *
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Universal Health Care, Improved Medicare for All as per U.S. House Resolution 676
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