Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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“Call for Care” Phone Calls

Making phone calls is part of this
education and communications campaign,
as explained here ...


At times during out education and communications campaign we will make phone calls to the U.S. Congress: at least to the U.S. Represenatives' offices at the U.S. House. If necessary, we will also call the U.S. Senators and/or others.

Each occurrence of making "Call for Care" phone calls will last one month because the calls will be spaced out. Each caller will have their "day of the month". An exception on the duration will be when we have reached the campaign's goal for number of participants if the U.S. Congress has not reached our expectations of support, we might make our calls every month until the Congress' support reaches what we expect them to provide.

We will post the instructions at those times.

The calls will be:

       — requiring very little time for you as a caller
       — minimizing the possibility of getting a busy signal
                by you having your "day of the month" for making your call
                on that day (date) of the month or on a nearby non-holiday date

       — occurring after we'be established our power in numbers
       — demonstrating that we can and will have each U.S. Representative "hear" clearly from their own constituents if they have not yet responded by strongly supporting and promoting Improved Medicare for All

Printed instructions of the instructions will be available by printing a pdf file.


Printed Copies

We will provide a pdf file for printed copies of the instructions.

When selecting the link to the pdf file, if the file does not automatically download, then you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. You can download a free copy by clicking on the following image:

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We, the People, are Uniting for What is Right


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