Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Invitation: Be Informed and Sign Up.





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    1. — Communicate to Washington, D.C., mainly the U.S. Congress. Create a monthly massive flooding of communications, cause the desired increase in support to achieve the goal. At some point during Phase 2 we will submit a petition to the White House. We’re waiting to learn from the White House support staff whether or not their petition software will handle our tens of millions of petitioners.
      — Monitor Congress’ creation of the legislation that will create the change: establish universal health care. We will influence when and where necessary.
    2. Implement and Celebrate.

      During the

    3. See more be

      See: the possible Timing of each phase, (immediately below).

    1. Educate and Consolidate.

      Follow the campaign strategy of inform and invite:
      — Inform Americans about the incredibly positive change to universal health care: national single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All.
      — Invite interested Americans to help consolidate citizen supporters into one citizen coalition to reach the Phase 1 goal.
    2. Communicate and Legislate.

    Possible Timing
    … and the critical factor of Timing Dependency

    Phase 1:   Educate  and  Consolidate
                     12/12/12 thru 2013+

    We will reach over 20 million Americans signed up by sometime in 2013 … or 2014 at the latest.

    Phase 2:   Communicate     and       Legislate
                      1/1/2014 thru 2014 and 2015 

    We will send once-per-month email reminders
    to provide help and guidance for communications
    from 1/1/2014 through 11/1/2014.

    The first  eleven months of Phase 2 will be an incredible experience, as follows:
    1) Flooding the members of the U.S. Congress with our communications.
    2) Getting the prompt and very strong positive response from members of Congress who want to stay in office.
    3) Electing replacements for members of Congress who give a weak or no response to the will of the people. And if each of the two major political parties have not started to support  the American people on this topic, then more Americans will be considering Green Party candidates more than ever.
    Phase 3:   2015 

    Phase 4:   2016 

    Timing Dependency

    The timing is dependent on YOU, each individual Health Care Patriot. You can focus on contacting Americans in front of a computer, informing them and inviting thm to sign up. Thus, you and thousands of others can help get Phase 1 accomplished.

    Those who support this website and the campaign will provide that specific support. But YOU need to USE the website to BEST advantage.

    The timing of the Phase 1 is completely dependent on the responses of individual Americans. As one American said to me in the fall of 2012: “Don’t worry, Bob. We’ll support you.” It is now time for that support to happen. The response or lack of response to this campaign will determine whether or not Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be accomplished.

    I have high expectations of myself to follow the advice above. I commit to multiplying myself by at least 20 … making enough contacts with Americans AT a computer screen to INFORM them, INVITE them, and get 20 or more new Health Care Patriots in less than 2 months.

    How about you? What are you going to do within the next 2 months?

    We will know if a large majority of Health Care Patriots are doing this action in front of a computer screen with at least 5 persons every 2 months … or roughly 1 person each week, we will know. Because we will reach the Campaign Phase 1 goal in an incredibly fast time, certainly within 12 months.

    With great enthusiasm and emotion about this cause,

    Bob the Health and Health Care Advocate

    Phase Details

    Phase 1

    This campaign depends on exactly the same primary activity that got Barack Obama elected as U.S. President. The campaign depends on exactly the same activity that Paul Loeb explains in his book “The Impossible Will Take a Little While”. That need is to make personal contacts. In this case it’s making personal contacts, preferably making many of those personal contacts while using this website.

    Phase 2

    During this phase we’ll conduct the massive flooding of the offices of the members of Congress with our communications by letters in the U.S. Mail and efficient (short) phone calls.

    We’ll also have a petition to the White House website to President Obama to get his support.

    We will enlist the help of supportive health care policy experts to keep a very close eye on what legislation is developed by the U.S. Congress. If the development is not satisfactory to the people, then we will execute massive demonstrations and, if necessary, resurrect the flood of communications, doing them twice per month instead of once per month.

    Phase 3.

    As part of the implementation of our universal health care, we will all receive our health care cards.
    After all Americans and any other authorized residents receive our cards, we will celebrate with a celebration in the Pacific time zone, then Mountain time zone, then Central time zone. And then we will have one, possibly two, in the Eastern time zone: Philadelphia PA and/or Washington, D.C.


    The Critical Factor of Education

    What we have: a GOOD foundation.

    — Americans like this campaign. When the first thousand campaign participants signed up, they resided in and incredibly widespread result: almost 80% of the 435 U.S. Congressional Districts. Just a few weeks before the 12-12-12 launch of this campaign a new website contributor, an American who lives in Taiwan, wrote this “I am blown away by your site and can’t believe I haven’t come across it before. This is a beautiful idea and thank you on behalf of my family and friends, for setting it up.”

    — Over half of Americans want universal health care: national single-payer heallth care, Improved Medicare for All. We’ve known that for many years. See the chart and read the confirmations.

    We we need: a STRONG foundation.

    We need power of the people
    Millions of informed citizens
       signed up at the same website (Phase 1)
       communicating in unity (Phase 2)
    We will have more power than the opposition’s lobbyists and their media.

    When you sit down in front of a computer connected to the internet with someone, you can

    inform them, but then immediately access the answers to their questions and concerns and use the index to answer any additional questions.

    and invite to sign up at that time.

    If you are still stuck on some question and that becomes part of why a person does not sign up, then do a good job of writing down the question and send it to us. We’ll work on providing an answer that will then be posted for the benefit of all of us.




        Know what every American
    should know, 

    and then   

        Sign Up to be notified
    when the campaign starts
    to get strong support
    from the U.S. Congress
    for universal health care,
         Medicare for All.   

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