Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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White Ribbons for Single Payer

Idea about ribbon length: try 11.5 inches, the length of a standard piece of paper, for the length of your ribbon(s). Decide yourself if you think that length is okay before you proceed to make more ribbons. You might want it to be longer.

Position at the video.

How to Make a White Ribbon to Promote Single Payer Health Care

Video. Below is the video of Marcia providing a demonstration of how to make the white ribbons. If you cannot play the video, then contact Bob to have excerpts added of what Marcia’s instructions.

Hand-made is preferred. Marcia (pronounced mar-see’-ah) emphasizes that the ribbons must be made by hand, like she describes in the video below. She indicates strongly that this is a grassroots movement, so the ribbons are to be made by hand. This approach is very similar to the management of the letters campaign, since most of the handouts are intended for black-and-white printing, not color. This is a grassroots movement where someone can participate without a lot of money.

Purchased items optional. We will also be posting here how you can purchase ribbons and buttons.

Invitation: Sign Up
to help get Improved Medicare for All
via Single-Payer Health Care.

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