Medicare for All
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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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What Participants “Say”

Comments from campaign participants
plus some of the responses provided to them

Following are examples of the many comments that participants have submitted.
All comments are very helpful and greatly appreciated.

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Let’s get it done…once and for all.
Response: Our strategy is to inform and invite, because a Million Citizens (Taking Action) equals More Power than Lobbyists. When knowledgeable Americans inform others and invite others to become “one in a million” participants … by showing them the website and helping them sign … then Americans’ knowledge will grow fast, and our numbers of persons signed up to participate will grow fast. We can and will get Improved Medicare for All.
See: Strategy, Plan
I’m thrilled with the resources on your site. I’m going to share this information through my blog … and my facebook page. Thank you VERY much!
Thank you for this simple solution.
What a great and classic idea to resurrect the individual letter. These letters are icons of what has and should be the core of the American Dream – a dream where each individual’s voice is actually heard, and each individual person feels empowered.
Thank you for starting this campaign. Here’s hoping it succeeds!
Thank you for organizing this! (Many participants from many states wrote this or something very similar to it.)
Thank you for your hard work! (Many participants from many states wrote this or something very similar to it.)
255 characters would not be enough to say the kind of thank you I would like to express to those of you who have taken on this campaign. You are literally saving lives!
We need your leadership in keeping on with keeping on. It will take the persistence and consistency you are providing. Keep it up!
I support Medicare for all. I am on SSI and Medi-Cal and have lost benifits [sic] as well. I feel that what you are doing is great. I am handicapped but I can sign a petition and send a letter. Thanks for simplifying it so.
Go for it!
Thank you for giving me back my hope for a reasoned and rational solution to this public health crisis.
This is a great campaign. People have got to make it happen!
Thanks for creating and maintaining this web site!!
Thanks for organizing this. It is what we need!
What a great idea. The time has come. Thanks.
Thank you so much for making this petition. … if we don’t get single payer at least passed before March 2011 I’m moving to Canada with my Canadian husband because I’ll die without care. You guys are heroes for this!
Response: You’re most welcome. Your situation sounds like it may have similarities to the situations of two other families who are already in Canada and cannot come back to live in the U.S. This massive activity is the petitioning the U.S. Congress every month as our numbers climb to one million and then to ten million and beyond. In order to have support we need to inform other Americans. Please tell others and ask them to sign up. See the plan.
Thank you for standing up for us, the people.I hate this mandate in the current bill. It’s a monster.
We need single payer! Good job, thanks!
Thank you for all your leadership, energy and efforts on the behalf of America’s health.
Thank you for this opportunity.
This is a great tool, thank you very much.
Go Single Payer! Thank you for organizing this wonderful campaign!!
Thank you for organizing this important campaign.
Best of luck to all involved.
Great idea
Great idea!
Thank you for doing this.
Keep up the good work.
I have excellent health insurance coverage, but I think Medicare for all would be a much fairer and more efficient system.
Please help protect my kids from a for profit system. (We need to) fix the profit from death system that will continue to feed on the working class.
We need to kick this public option crap right to the curb, ASAP. It is getting in the way of REAL health care, and whether it succeeds or not, it will serve as a lasting excuse for the naysayers of universal health care in the US. Single Payer NOW!
Based on my experience as a physician, I believe that the best solution to providing health care for all Americans is by expanding the Medicare program. This will also be the best way to limit the cost of care in the future.
Only way to go - Health care as I experienced it in France
I am a college student and I believe in Medicare for All!
The rising cost of health care has caused the US to lose millions of manufacturing jobs to other countries. These jobs are the bread and butter of middle class Americans, 95% of the population. We desperately need national health care to bring the manufacturing jobs.
Our insurance went from $49 per month last year to $1,386 per month this year. thank God I’m eligible for Medicare in a few months!
My husband has colon cancer he has maxed out his lifetime insurance, he will now be treated with not the needed medication to help him survive, he has a disability doen’t [sic] qualify for medicare for 20 months waiting and I pray he can hang on that long …
Pleas get us the care we need Other countreys have it ands here we are a useto be supperpowewr now I am not sure after Bush? I pray you get us (health care) I have none
We need coverage for All not just those who are wealthy, I just today watched a grown woman cry at the drug store, she found out GM was only paying $5 now on her needed medication, no generic avail. Justice for ALL not just SOME.
Response: Thanks very much for sharing. I learned from a GM employee that employees now pay $1300 (their deductible) before they get a dime of health care benefits.
As a small business owner my BCBS insurance for my wife and myself has gone up 100% in the last 10 years. I am close to 60 but at this point the insurance will do me in before I reach 65.
Response: Thanks for taking the time to sign up and participate … and to write your note. I am also concerned for my wife and me, as I’m also over 60 years old, my rates went up by 600% over 9 years. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to afford the insurance … if it continues to be available to me at any price from my major corporation. Thanks again for your note, because we can and will get an Improved Medicare for All.
Let’s get going as soon as the Senate bill is passed.


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