Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Why I support Medicare for All
and why I think we’ll get it — Bob

What Matters


There are many facts and stories at this website that relate to why I support single-payer Medicare for All. That information is in addition to what I share at “Bob’s Story”, accessible from the “About” page.

Below, I document why I firmly believe that Americans who are knowledgeable about the benefits of single-payer, Medicare for All, will make the Million Letters for Health Care campaign successful.

Health care for all fellow human beings is the RIGHT thing to do, no matter your moral and/or spiritual beliefs, and single payer is the most fiscally conservative way to achieve it, no matter your political affiliation.

Based on personal experiences and information that I share at this web page, I think that most people are good people who care deeply for others. As a result, I feel strongly that we individual Americans can share information about the benefits of single-payer to enough other Americans … and answer their questions and concerns with help at the resources provided at this website … such that we can get a million Americans to spend 10-15 minutes per month to help establish single-payer, Medicare for All.

Keeping in mind the premise that most people are good people who care, and keeping in mind the numbers shared below about the concern of 95% of Americans and the support of 85-86% of Canadians, I suggest that support for Medicare for All is independent of political parties, ideologies, and religions.

People Care

What Matters: Most People Are Good People Who Care

My experiences. Below I explain my job positions from which I developed a deep appreciation that most people are good people who care.

Americans’ opinion. In 2007, 95% of Americans replied “yes” that it is a “serious problem that many Americans do not have health insurance”.

Canadians’ opinion. In August of 2009 a poll was conducted in Canada, beyond those previously conducted, that documented again how very strongly Canadians like their medicare (with a small ‘m’) and want to maintain it. There’s an incredibly strong and incredibly consistent result of 85-86% support for their national health insurance system in Canada. And that’s with 13 different health insurance programs across the country. Imagine how happy we will be with our one national health insurance program with more consistency and higher efficiency.

We, the people, can demonstrate that we care for others … like citizens
in other free-market countries did decades ago

Each of us, as individuals, can support having health care for all no matter what role we have or other positions we take. We can do what all other free-market, high-income countries accomplished decades ago. We, too, can have excellent health care performance like other countries.

Please Help Get Care

Additional Information and Comments

My Job Experiences

My employment has included customer-service jobs. As a teenager, I worked as a “soda jerk” at a dairy and ice cream store in Missouri. Another was my position of doing patient registration at a major hospital in central Michigan. (In between I worked for a global manufacturing corporation for 30 years.)

For each job position I served dozens of people every day and thousands during my time in each of those jobs. I enjoyed the jobs and the people, and most of my customers enjoyed interacting with me.

The job positions were different:
— over 600 miles apart in location
— 50 years apart in time
— two significantly different environments: ice cream store and hospital

There were differences, as noted, but my interaction with people in both of those jobs was very positive. I’ve been told that the positive experience was in part due to my friendly, helpful attitude. However, no matter how much my attitude helped, I concluded the following:
most people are good people who care about others

About the 95% of Americans who are concerned

Concern of Americans about the uninsured. The New York Times / CBS News[pdf] - Page 15, Question 25 95% Feb 2007
serious problem that many Americans do not have health insurance

Politics, Ideology, Religion, Human Rights and Simply Caring

  • Political Party. We can demonstrate that we care (via Medicare for All), no matter what political party or organization we belong, such as these examples:
    • Communist Party, Democratic Party, Democratic Socialists of America, Green Party, Libertarian Party, Progressive Democrats of America, Republican Party
  • Ideology. We can demonstrate that we care (via Medicare for All), no matter what ideology we believe and no matter what we call it, such as these examples:
    • Capitalism, Communism, Conservative, Liberal, Libertarianism, Marxism, Progressive, Socialism, The Center, The Left, The Right
  • Religion. We can demonstrate that we care (via Medicare for All), no matter what church we attend or with which religion we are associated.
  • Human Rights. We can demonstrate that we care (via Medicare for All) without coming up with words that create issues, such as “Health care is a human right.”
    • Controversy. This reference to a “right” seems to me to create controversy. It stirs up questions in peoples’ minds, such as the obvious one: is it a right or isn’t it? It makes me think about the United States’ solitary “no” vote, among 53 countries, regarding this century’s resolution regarding health care, as documented in the United Nations.
    • Timing. If health care needs to be “defined” (documented) as a human right, then let’s go ahead and do that after we solve the health insurance crisis in the United States.
    • Catch up by the U.S.. From a world view let’s catch up to the rest of the world on the common sense approach to how to pay for health care. We are over 30 years behind on that activity.
    • Action item — FUTURE. After the United State citizens demand that Medicare for All be established … and after it is established, then we can step back from that accomplishment of caring for people and declare to the world that we, too, agree with all the United Nations Resolution of this right of all people: “The right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.”
  • Simply Caring. Here’s an example of a statement of caring: “I am my brother’s keeper; I am my sister’s keeper.” My translation: let’s care for each other.
    • Suggestion. These words were suggested strongly by Barack Obama to crowds of thousands of Americans during his campaign to become president.
    • Action — IMMEDIATE. If those words of our president are valid, then let’s follow his lead and demand Medicare for All to show that we care. After all, he did state that his requirement of the people is that they must establish a mandate for what we want. That was immediately after his lively discussion in his own 4/3/2007 health care meeting, that we must establish a mandate. During the meeting he suggested that we write a thousand to two thousand letters in every U.S. Congressional District, which is roughly equal to one million letters in the U.S. Mail.
      Let’s do it: go to Help Get Care.

Please Help Get Care

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