Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Waiting While Caring

The majority of people in other countries patiently wait, if necessary, for health care. They know that the people with the highest priority needs are the people who get care first. Caring for patients with the greatest need(s) is why the other free-market countries have such a better life expectancy than in the United States. Citizens in other countries have less pain and suffering and deaths from preventable causes prior to age 75, as seen in the fact that the United States has been at the bottom of performance compared to over a dozen other free-market countries on amenable mortality, which is the number of deaths under age 75 dues to preventable causes.
The preparation of any American for this change to our society needs to include the following:
1. An appreciation that some Americans have sometimes waited for their health care in the past, just as occurs in other countries.
2. An appreciation that the situation will remain the same for the United States: that there will sometimes be waiting for health care. It is a natural situation of balancing the resources with the demand for those resources.
3. A recognition that there is a denial of care by health insurance companies in the United States that will be removed when we implement single-payer health care, improved Medicare for All.
4. With the removal of the denial of care we will have less pain, suffering and deaths, but there will be the following results:
  • More health care professionals.
  • Health care professionals who are happier, more satisfied, because they will be working with the following environment:
  1. No unnecessary administrative responsibilities.
  2. No rejection of patients from hospitals simply because their health insurance company denied the approval of their care.
  3. Higher focus on patient care and NO focus on patient financial issues and associated paperwork.
  4. Higher usage of medical technology for the benefit of citizens.

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