Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Invitation: Be Informed and Sign Up.

Vision (what we can expect):
"Show card and get care."

What we can expect our universal health care to be like,
as already experienced by Americans around
the world in other free-market countries.

We will arrive and show our health card.
We will receive health care services.
We will leave with our health card.

No co-pays, such as a co-pay for doctor or specialist office visit.
No deductibles. And no coinsurance, such as bills from a hospital.

Everybody In; Nobody Out.


Learn more about “Show card and get care” below,
from one Canadian and many Americans.

Following is a description from a life-long Canadian,
a retiree and also the father of three grown children:

Background: Canadian describing how a health care for all system works in Canada.

Since my wife and I lived in Canada for 4.5 years when our two sons were in grade school, we know many Canadians. One Canadian co-worker and his wife raised 3 children there. Years after we moved back to Michigan, my co-worker visited us. He was retiring and getting ready to move from Ontario to British Columbia. I asked him to share with me his opinion of the Canadian health care system.

His answer is what we had experienced during our time there. He said: “Well, Bob, I (or another member of my family) go to the doctor (or specialist or clinic or hospital). I show my card to register. Then I get care. Then I leave with my card. That’s about it.” — Bob, as told to me by my co-worker Rob.

My Canadian friend: “… I show my card. I get care. I leave with my card.”

Americans in free-market countries all over the world
confirm that they like their health care for all systems,
where they can “show card and get care”.

” … the medical care was exceptional and cost us nothing.”

If you would like to confirm that my former co-worker described above for Canada is the same for other free-market countries, you can read the real life stories at this website of Americans who live and work in other countries (or who did live and work in those other countries).

Here are some excerpts of those Americans’ testimonials:

“(Our family) … can’t understand a developed country without universal coverage — Everyone is insured … (about) $67 a month. (Americans in The Netherlands)
That’s it. This includes doctor’s visits, medications, physiotherapy, even things like visits to a nutritionist or a problem overseas. (bolding added)
— Linda, April 2009.

Exceptional Care. (Americans in France)
In 25 years, our family has only had two major emergencies and in both cases, the medical care was exceptional and cost us nothing.
— Christine, July 2009

Excellent Care at Low or No Cost. (American in Australia)
Wife’s mother had terminal cancer and received excellent care with no worry “that her treatment would bankrupt us. … I … made use of their national health care system numerous times … (with the care being) of the highest quality at no cost …”
— Isaac, March 2008

Two Countries; 4 Babies; No Problems. (Americans in Japan, Denmark)
” … living in Japan for 33 years. 3 of my four children were born here (the eldest child was born in Denmark – that cost me $26.00) Last year I had a 3-hour surgery and stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks.” “… never had difficulty paying any medical bills.”
— Karen, February 2009

Excellent Care; No Bills. (Americans in Germany)
” … (my mother’s multiple) eye surgeries … all paid for (in) Germany … (My mother in later years) received excellent care at the university hospital (for 3 weeks) and … we did not have to pay any bills ….”
… and, from another American in Germany: “(no) limit as to how long they would pay for it as long as the doctors said that the therapy was required.”
— Natalie, June 2008

Absolutely Superlative Care; Zero Cost. (Americans in Scotland)
“… correctly diagnosed the disease (in Scotland, after suffering for years in the U.S.). Since then, she has been hospitalized for a month, given two very expensive courses of IVIG treatment, and had her thymus removed in major, open chest surgery. Recently, we flew back to New York to consult with perhaps the world expert on Myasthenia. … he declared that the doctors in Scotland were doing all the right things. He then asked how much this cost. He had a bit of a hard time understanding that the cost was exactly zero. … I spent about two months paying various bills associated with that one visit to his office. Is the system in the UK perfect? Of course not. Did they provide superlative care for our daughter? Absolutely.
— John, August 2009     (question marks added)

Long-Term Hospital Care. Bill was zero. (American in Spain)
“… extensive amounts of drugs for a long time … monitored for about six months … eventually was released from hospital care … What was her bill … ? “0”
— Herbert, March 2009

Reference: the complete text of the testimonials.

We will achieve this vision for these reasons:
We have the best alternative, far better than any other option and with much better benefits than the current way of paying for health care.
We have the power of knowledge and numbers, which are being accomplished via our strategy and plan.
People all around the world are rooting for us, including Americans who live and work in other free-market countries.

Does this proposed health care for all system provide free care?
     No; we’ll pay “up-front”,
     such as with the Medicare payroll tax, which will increase a few percent.

Will there be incredible savings compared to what we pay today? Yes!


Vision of the Million Letters for Health Care Campaign Phase 2 Activity

The millions of letters go to Washington D.C. in a massive flow of envelopes, in the following steps, which take about 5 to 7 days for most mail going in this manner:
— transported in the U.S. Mail to an anthrax detection center
— processed by a detection center
— transported in the U.S. Mail to the U.S. Capitol mailroom
— sorted in the U.S. Mail room
— delivered to the 435 individual offices of U.S. Representatives
— and processed by the staff personnel in each of the 435 U.S. Congressional District offices

Starting in Phase 3 of the campaign’s plan, telephone calls will be received in every office of the U.S. Congress during every business day. Those calls will be efficient (short) with a clear message that Americans want improved Medicare for All.

About Sending Mail provides more background knowledge about the 5-7 days.


Additional Information

If you are familiar with and like to do visioning and self-affirmations,
we have a web page prepared for you.
Contact Bob with the Subject of “Please send link to Affirmations.”

This vision web page’s previous focus was on affirmations. In 2010 after receiving independent inputs from individual members of two Medicare for All teams that occurred coincidentally within a week of each other, we changed the suggested vision to what you see above.


Help Make the Above Vision Happen

We can and will get Improved Medicare for All,
via our Vision (above) and our Mission, Strategy, Goal and Plan.


    Know what every American
should know, 

and then   

    Sign Up to be notified
when the campaign starts
to get strong support
from the U.S. Congress
for universal health care,
     Medicare for All.   

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