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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Videos Under 30 Minutes (number of minutes)
     — Eleven Canadians (10)
     — Can't Go Home: to American families exiled in Canada (7)
     — We already have health care rationing (3)
     — The Healthcare Solution: California One Care (recommendation: first 3 minutes)
Video Animations
Documentaries including Sick Around the World
Obama Videos
Bill Moyers Show
Additional Information
Others including SiCKO

  • Videos Under 30 Minutes
    • Real Canadians Talking Real Healthcare - 9:43 minutes
      • Canadians talking about their health care. The experiences and opinions of eleven Canadians ranging in age from 40 to 90 years old: Ona, Bob, Dave, Susan, Sally, Doug, Stan, Tamara (below), Janet, Richard, and Emily.

Go to Eleven Canadians to see text excerpts of some of what the Canadians said about their health care for all system

  • Videos Under 30 Minutes (continued)
    • Can’t Go Home - 6:49 minutes
      • What do you think of when you imagine an American living in exile, unable to return home? This is a profile of two Americans living in Canada who can’t return to the US because they’re unable to get health care. They are stranded in Canada due to the excellent health care there. Each of them share how the path of lives led to them living in Canada. They communicate that their family’s health care needs involve staggeringly high costs if they were in the United States. They each share that they have never seen a medical bill.

For more information about these two women and their situations go to Real Life Stories

  • Videos Under 30 Minutes (continued)
    • We already have healthcare rationing… - 3:19 minutes
      • A citizen spoke clearly to candidate Barack Obama during his 4/3/2007 health care meeting that there is a kind of a secret that’s been kept from the American people about rationing. Hear what she has to say at the end, followed by clapping by the meeting attendees.

What all these stories add up to … that the kind of system we have is actually rationing our health care …
— is actually rationing who lives and dies
— is actually rationing who has to go through financial ruin …

This is a consequence of a for-profit health care system. … — clapping
You are paying the middle-man for what should be just between the patient and the system …

  • Videos Under 30 Minutes (continued)
    • The Healthcare Solution: California OneCare - 14:11 minutes
      • The first few minutes of this video include an excellent presentation of individual, emotionally-moving, personal stories. It’s excellent to have the resulting awareness, which can also be heightened by reading the available real life stories. Keep in mind that some available individual stories -- from OTHER videos -- are from the opposition to universal health care, such as hand-picked selections from other countries, are used in media campaigns designed to control minds and sway the opinions of citizens to be against single-payer. Therefore, keep in mind that the numbers of personal horror stories and the degree of dissatisfaction and pain and suffering, physically and emotionally and financially, is higher in the United States, as clearly seen in both the statistics and the polls. So please keep the statistics in mind, such as the sets of graphs that you see between 1:45 and 2:20 minutes into the video.

  • Video Animations
    • Why We Need (National) Health Insurance - a video animation by engio [Important Note: this video only communicates about the for-profit bureaucracy of 10-20%. It does not include the total impact of that bureaucracy, which is 20-30%. Also, it does not include the government bureaucracy. Also, its reference to Medicare is how Medicare was before 2003 with just a few percent administrative costs. Medicare currently is privatized. Nonetheless, we do need to get profit out of how we pay for health care, and this video does cover that topic, including an interesting comparison to the services of a fire department.]

  • Documentaries – and discussions about them
    • Sick Around the World – a MUST see! - about 60 minutes
      • Excellent information about United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and Switzerland

Obama Videos

  • President Obama’s Support of the People … that he has on hold until he knows that there is a mandate from the people that he requires

  • President Obama’s Requirement: A Mandate from the People … and his recommendation for how to establish the mandate


Clarification: The Scope of These Videos

Feedback of comments and suggestions is welcome, but please note the following:
— We plan to keep the above list “short” out of the many possibilities for recommended videos.
Note: we avoid posting links to videos of rallies, sit-ins, demonstrations, protests, arrests, vigils and the like. We like to focus mainly on what we will get for health care, not about we don’t like about the current situation for health care.

Additional Information about Videos
and Links to More Videos

Additional Sources of Videos

Videos by those who oppose single-payer


  • Series of videos
    • Hannity: Health Care Special Edition 1/6 through 6/6
      • No longer available
      • We had linked to these videos, but now YouTube provides this message: “… no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.”.
  • YouTube owners:
  • Additional videos by the opposition to single-payer:
    • John Stossel Destroys/Pulverizes/Crushes Obama’s anti-American ‘Health Care’ Plan. This video of 6:45 minutes made numerous references to Canada. Of course, John Stossel does not mention the very poor U.S. health care performance and the dramatic loss of U.S. health care jobs via U.S. patients leaving the U.S. via medical tourism and the severe hardships in the United States. Neither did he mention that most Canadians like their health care. We had this video linked, but now YouTube provides this message: “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”

Others, including SiCKO

  • We Want Single-Payer - Medicare for All - 6:30 minutes
    • This video may be of interest to some, but keep my “warning” above in mind about personal stories being used against us.
  • SiCKO — The DVD is available for purchase.
    • This movie has some EXCELLENT segments in it that should be seen by everyone. An example is the set of two scenes of Americans sitting at one table discussing health care in France.
    • The movie SiCKO is just one contributor to the movement to get single-payer. The support-levels in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House stayed extremely low for many months after this 2007 movie, as seen in the graphs.
      • What is THE primary way to get progress? People becoming more educated and people taking action.
  • Michael Moore on “SiCKO” - 26:48 minutes
    • PBS, the Public Broadcasting System, also provides the transcript of its segment about Michael Moore and Sicko


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