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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
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Voters' Guide for Supporters
of Improved Medicare for All

2012 Voters' Guide for presidential candidiates
and the Status of a future detailed Voters' Guide



2012 Voters' Guide

The 2012 guide is ONLY on the Presidential candidates (below)
plus the following short-term and long-term
situations regarding health care:

Politics and Health Care

Presidential candidates
in order of interest regarding
getting Improved Medicare for All:
— Barack Obama, Democratic Party
Rocky Anderson, Justice Party
Jill Stein, Green Party

FYI — Mitt Romney, Republican Party ... and a Positions web page about the positions of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama


Status of future, detailed Voters' Guide

Provided in 2008 and will be provided again.

It was a fantastic experience to develop and maintain the 2008 Voters' Guide, seen below. However, it is currently not appropriate until we start meeting our goals, state-by-state, for having informed Americans. Until then, we have neither the degree of priority nor the resources to provide such a guide.

However, we certainly will be maintaining a Voters' Guide again in the future. As the power of the people grows, politicians will pay increasing attention to the topic of single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All. It will be an exciting time. Help will be needed from all 50 states. If you want to contribute to that effort in the future, contact Bob. [Hint: you will need to be interested in doing research on the internet, because any meaningful support from a candidate will mean that their efforts and the observation of their efforts by others will both demonstrate strong support, and we must confirm it by finding it via searching and careful reading.]


About Strong Supporters

(identified with ***** in the tables below for 2008)

The opposition to what over half of Americans want is fierce by those who want to block citizens from achieving single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All. Therefore, as also emphasized in detail on the Voters Tips web page, it is important to know who the strong supporters are and give them our thanks and our solid support in return.

For the Voters’ Guide we consider a strong supporter as someone who very clearly does more than register as a cosponsor of single-payer legislation, such as H.R. 676 or a Senate equivalent whenever it is established. A strong supporter expresses their support in multiple ways, such as a very good combination of talks, meetings, blogs and/or web sites. We also look at what other campaigns and legislation they support or endorse (or don’t support/endorse). Last but not least, are they doing an excellent job of recruiting more cosponsors for H.R. 676?


We need outspoken leaders to help get health care for all:
national single-payer health care,
improved Medicare for All.

2008 information is below for reference.

No update is planned at the current time.

Our priority is to establish and maintain
a package of tools
and services
that Americans can use to inform
other Americans about the topic.


TIP: Since support in the U.S. Congress will be climbing, ask any candidate in an election if they support, promote and educate regarding Improved Medicare for All.

Related to the U.S. House, U.S. Senate and U.S. Presidency

Also see: Explanations and Voters’ Tips.
See Election Results 2008 for links to general election vote statistics for single-payer candidates.

About [Incumbent] and [Challenger] names in brackets. These persons either dropped out of the race or lost an election. Their names are kept here for these reasons: 1) it’s the record of activity that occurred during the November 2012 election; 2) it’s recognition of their significant contribution to help get single-payer; and 3) some of them may compete in the next election, so we want to keep them in mind and prepare to help them win.

United States House of Representatives
for the 2008 Campaign

For details about the district, select the desired state-district link in “District” column of the following table.

District Political
Name Incumbent
regarding 2008 elections
AZ-1 Democrat [Howard Shanker] Challenger Lost 2008 primary *****
AZ-4 Democrat Ed Pastor Incumbent    
AZ-6 Democrat [Chris Gramazio] Challenger Lost 2008 primary  
AZ-7 Democrat Raúl Grijalva Incumbent    
CA-6 Democrat Lynn Woolsey Incumbent   *****
CA-7 Democrat George Miller Incumbent    
CA-9 Democrat Barbara Lee Incumbent    
CA-15 Democrat Mike Honda Incumbent    
CA-17 Democrat Sam Farr Incumbent    
CA-24 Democrat [Marta Jorgensen] Challenger Lost 2008 general  
CA-24 Democrat [Mary Pallant] Challenger (Lost 2008 primary, but Jorgensen won) *****
CA-28 Democrat Howard Berman Incumbent    
CA-31 Democrat Xavier Becerra Incumbent AV+  
CA-32 Democrat Hilda L. Solis Incumbent    
CA-33 Democrat Diane E. Watson Incumbent    
CA-34 Democrat Lucille Roybal-Allard Incumbent    
CA-35 Democrat Maxine Waters Incumbent    
CA-37 Democrat Laura Richardson Incumbent    
CA-38 Democrat Grace F. Napolitano Incumbent    
CA-39 Democrat Linda T. Sánchez Incumbent    
CA-43 Democrat Joe Baca Incumbent    
CA-46 Democrat [Debbie Cook] Challenger Lost 2008 general  
CA-47 Democrat Loretta Sanchez Incumbent    
CA-51 Democrat Bob Filner Incumbent    
CA-53 Democrat [Mike Copass] Challenger Lost 2008 primary  
CO-2 Democrat [Joan Fitz-Gerald] Challenger (Lost 2008 primary, but Polis won) *****
CO-2 Democrat Jared Polis Challenger Won 2008 general *****
FL-3 Democrat Corrine Brown Incumbent    
FL-7 Democrat [Faye Armitage] Challenger Lost 2008 general *****
FL-9 Democrat [Anita de Palma] Challenger Lost 2008 primary  
FL-15 Democrat [Stephen Blythe] Challenger Lost 2008 general, AV+ *****
FL-19 Democrat Robert Wexler Incumbent    
FL-23 Democrat Alcee L. Hastings Incumbent    
GA-2 Democrat Sanford D. Bishop Jr. Incumbent    
GA-4 Democrat Henry C. “Hank” Johnson Jr. Incumbent    
GA-5 Democrat John Lewis Incumbent    
GA-13 Democrat David Scott Incumbent    
HI-1 Democrat Neil Abercrombie Incumbent    
HI-2 Democrat Mazie K. Hirono Incumbent    
IA-2 Democrat David Loebsack Incumbent    
IL-1 Democrat Bobby L. Rush Incumbent    
IL-2 Democrat Jesse L. Jackson Jr. Incumbent    
IL-4 Democrat Luis V. Gutierrez Incumbent    
IL-7 Democrat Danny K. Davis Incumbent    
IL-9 Democrat Janice D. Schakowsky Incumbent    
IL-17 Democrat Phil Hare Incumbent    
IN-7 Democrat Andre Carson Incumbent    
KY-3 Democrat John A. Yarmuth Incumbent    
LA-2 Democrat William J. Jefferson Incumbent    
MA-1 Democrat John W. Olver Incumbent    
MA-3 Democrat James P. McGovern Incumbent    
MA-4 Democrat Barney Frank Incumbent    
MA-6 Democrat John F. Tierney Incumbent    
MA-8 Democrat Michael E. Capuano Incumbent    
MA-9 Democrat Stephen F. Lynch Incumbent    
MA-10 Democrat William D. Delahunt Incumbent    
MD-4 Democrat Donna Edwards Challenger Won 2008 general  
MD-7 Democrat Elijah E. Cummings Incumbent    
ME-1 Democrat Chellie Pingree Challenger Won 2008 general *****
MI-2 Democrat Scott Killips Challenger Dropped out of 2008 race  
MI-5 Democrat Dale Kildee Incumbent    
MI-7 Democrat [Sharon Renier] Challenger Lost 2008 primary *****
MI-13 Democrat Carolyn Kilpatrick Incumbent    
MI-14 Democrat John Conyers Incumbent    
MN-5 Democrat Keith Ellison Incumbent    
MO-1 Democrat Wm. Lacy Clay Incumbent    
MO-5 Democrat Emanuel Cleaver Incumbent    
MS-2 Democrat Bennie G. Thompson Incumbent    
NC-8 Democrat [John Autry] Challenger Dropped out of 2008 race  
NJ-1 Democrat [Mahdi Ibn-Ziyad] Challenger Lost 2008 primary  
NJ-10 Democrat Donald M. Payne Incumbent    
NJ-12 Democrat Rush D. Holt Incumbent    
NM-2 Democrat [Al Kissling] Challenger Dropped out of 2008 race *****
NY-6 Democrat Gregory W. Meeks Incumbent    
NY-8 Democrat Jerrold Nadler Incumbent    
NY-9 Democrat Anthony D. Weiner Incumbent    
NY-10 Democrat Edolphus Towns Incumbent    
NY-11 Democrat Yvette D. Clarke Incumbent    
NY-13 Democrat [Steve Harrison] Challenger Lost 2008 primary *****
NY-14 Democrat Carolyn B. Maloney Incumbent    
NY-15 Democrat Charles B. Rangel Incumbent    
NY-16 Democrat José E. Serrano Incumbent    
NY-17 Democrat Eliot L. Engel Incumbent    
NY-21 Democrat [Phil Steck] Challenger Lost 2008 primary *****
NY-22 Democrat Maurice D. Hinchey Incumbent    
NY-29 Democrat Eric Massa Challenger Won 2008 general *****
OH-4 Democrat [Mike Carroll] Challenger Lost 2008 general *****
OH-7 Democrat [William (Bill) Conner] Challenger Lost 2008 primary OH-7 *****
OH-7 Democrat [Richard Wyderski] Challenger (Lost 2008 primary OH-7) *****
OH-9 Democrat Marcy Kaptur Incumbent    
OH-10 Democrat Dennis Kucinich Incumbent   *****
OH-13 Democrat Betty Sutton Incumbent    
OH-17 Democrat Tim Ryan Incumbent    
PA-1 Democrat Robert A. Brady Incumbent    
PA-2 Democrat Chaka Fattah Incumbent    
PA-3 Democrat [Mike Waltner] Challenger Lost 2008 primary *****
PA-14 Democrat Michael F. Doyle Incumbent    
PA-16 Democrat [Bruce Slater] Challenger Lost 2008 general *****
PA-18 Democrat [Steve O’Donnell] Challenger Lost 2008 general  
RI-1 Democrat Patrick J. Kennedy Incumbent    
RI-1 Democrat James E. Clyburn Incumbent    
TN-9 Democrat Steve Cohen Incumbent    
TX-9 Democrat Al Green Incumbent    
TX-18 Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee Incumbent    
TX-30 Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson Incumbent    
VA-3 Democrat Robert C. “Bobby” Scott Incumbent    
VA-4 Democrat [Andrea Miller] Challenger Lost 2008 general  
VA-6 Democrat [Sam Rasoul] Challenger Lost 2008 general *****
VA-7 Democrat Anita Hartke Challenger    
VA-8 Democrat James P. Moran Incumbent    
VA-10 Democrat [Mike Turner] Challenger Lost 2008 primary *****
VT Democrat Peter Welch Incumbent    
WA-7 Democrat Jim McDermott Incumbent    
WI-1 Democrat [Paulette Garin] Challenger Lost 2008 primary *****
WI-2 Democrat Tammy Baldwin Incumbent    
WI-4 Democrat Gwen Moore Incumbent    

United States House of Representatives:
Delegates for the 2008 Campaign

For details, select the desired district (territory) link in the following table.

District Political
Name Incumbent
DC Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton Incumbent    
VI Democrat Donna Christensen Incumbent    

United States Senate for 2008 Campaign

For details, select the desired state link in the following table.

State Political
Name Incumbent
regarding 2008 elections
MA Democrat [Ed O’Reilly] Challenger Lost 2008 primary  
MN Democrat [Jim Cohen] Challenger Dropped out of 2008 race *****
MN Democrat [Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer] Challenger Lost 2008 nomination *****
NM Democrat Tom Udall Challenger Won 2008 general *****
OR Democrat Jeff Merkley Challenger Won 2008 general  
TX Democrat [Ray McMurrey] Challenger Lost 2008 primary *****

United States Presidency for 2008 Campaign

For details, select the desired person’s link in the following table.

Name Notes  
Green Party Cynthia McKinney Lost 2008 general *****
Independent Ralph Nader Lost 2008 general *****


Notes explained:

AV = Audio(s) and/or Video(s) are provided
AV+ = much or most of the AV is excellent
No-Inc = No incumbent


  We, as informed, petitioning voters,  
  expect support from our political leaders
regarding universal health care, Medicare for All.

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