Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Time for Success! Now!

We learned from our past.
We are positioned for our success.

How We Are Positioned for Our Success


What We Learned from Our Past

Review of Our Past Performance

The U.S. Congress Performance from a world view perspective: not keeping up with what all of the other free-market countries did decades ago with respect to the funding of health care
… and the clear result regarding spending

The Citizen Action Performance in getting cosponsors for the proposed legislation for an improved Medicare for All via the best solution of single-payer health care
— 20% or less support in the U.S. House
     compared to the 67% needed
— less than 5% support in the U.S. Senate
     compared to the 67% needed
— See the graphs:

(REMAINDER TO BE FILLED IN regarding the materials available, the mission, vision, strategy, goal, plan … and the very positive feedback from participants)

(Miscellaneous Notes Below.)

1 — Practical and Powerful. As stated on this website’s home page, the letters campaign uses “the most practical and powerful action possible to demand an improved Medicare for All: our individual, personalized letters in the U.S. Mail to our representatives who want our votes in their next election.” Many people read those words and are immediately very supportive. [Bolding added.]

2 — Solidness More Important Than Easy, Quick, Speedy, such as e-mail messages. We are not striving for the maximum degree of “easy” and “quick”, although the required time to actually do the task (using the assistance provided in the monthly e-mails plus the website) is relatively short. The faster we get to the goal, then the better it will be for the U.S. However, we must move forward solidly to be successful. The primary objective is building knowledge, as noted below.

3 — Participant Feedback. Comments from those who sign up indicate that there is VERY solid support for this campaign. There is enough positive interest among initial participants to indicate that it is feasible to quickly get over one million participants to sign up to send letters.

4 — The Power of the People Who Take Time and Effort to Send Their Monthly Letters. The majority of the printed letters will have a hand-written note on them. That is very important in terms of having an impact.

A U.S. Representative who wants support from their constituents in the next election will most likely positively respond to the following situation of his or her constituents taking the time to:

— print and send a letter
— spend the additional time to write a hand-written note on it
— have their letter arrive about the same time as 2,000 additional letters on the same topic,

That kind of input will have a very strong influence on most politicians. We cannot and will not be ignored. Our unified voice will generate support..

5 — Free Media Coverage. We will get free international and national press coverage due to the flow of a million envelopes flowing through the U.S. Mail and the U.S. Congress Mail Room. That is worth a small fortune.


What Participants Say

Additional Points About the Campaign

A — One Million Solidly Added. We need fewer than 1% (0.32 percent) of Americans to participate, and they will. As soon as we very solidly get the foundation of the campaign’s processes and materials established, speed will come.

B — Knowledge First A primary objective of the letters campaign is to educate Americans about an improved Medicare for All. We need to embrace the change, not fear it.

C — Numbers of Participants Second. The second objective is to get a million people signed up to participate in the letters campaign. By the time we’ve gotten a million participants, if that means that ten to twenty million learned about an improved Medicare for All, then we have made great progress in preparing Americans for the positive change that is coming.

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