Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Terms of Understanding,
Commitments Among Us,
How to Manage Your Subscription.
and the Importance of Copyright

These “Terms of Understanding” are here include “general commitments”. Except for the legal significance of this website’s copyrighted content and files (#5), they do not involve legally binding requirements.

  1. Your support and knowledge.
  2. Our commitment to you.
  3. Your commitment to take action.
  4. How to manage your information.
  5. Importance of the copyright.

1. Your support and knowledge.

By signing up at this web site you are confirming the following:
You are a supporter of the United States establishing Improved Medicare for All
      via single-payer health care: an efficient, cost-effective way to pay for health care.
You know about Improved Medicare for All and its benefits,
     such as the following web pages of information:
      — What Every American Should Know.
      — Answers to questions, concerns and comments.

2. Our commitment to you.

We will continue to provide the website, its resources, and will send you campaign e-mails, normally sent only once per month:

Our free e-mail service (supported by participants who donate) provides you with:
— Current version of the campaign letter(s): the starting point for your letter(s).
— Monthly suggestions/ideas so that you can personalize each campaign letter(s) before you send it (or them) in the U.S. Mail.
— Current address(es) to which letters are to be sent, since at least two months will involve a special address.
— Current instructions for making monthly telephone calls (you’ll make on your “day of the month”), which will start in Phase 3 of the campaign. The instructions for making calls are provided as “extras” before Phase 3: additional actions you can take.
— Campaign monthly report.

We consider every person who signs up and participates as being a member of Action Team #1, as also noted at the Teams web page.

3. Your commitment to take action: 10-15 minutes each month, the time required for the primary activity.

You know that will receive a free service (supported by participants who donate) of 1 e-mail per month that provides you with the information listed above, which helps minimize your time and effort to what many participants have said takes 10-15 minutes to communicate to their U.S. Representative.
      Sometimes it may take 20-30 minutes or longer if you also do one of the following:
      1) decide to also communicate to your U.S. Senators each month
      2) decide to participate when we have a hand-delivery to the Representatives, the Senators and the President.

You know that this is a truly grassroots movement that depends on all of us to inform other Americans, such as the need for as many participants as possible to do the Steps to Success.

Comment: It’s important that we minimize your time that is required to communicate to Washington D.C., because the main effort of all of us needs to be spending time and effort informing other Americans. Each American who knows the facts gets us one step closer to Improved Medicare for All, our uniquely American health-care-for-all system, which will be the best in the world.

4. Your Management of Your Information.

Your unique, personal link to manage your information is contained in each of the campaign’s monthly e-mails. [If you unsubscribe from the campaign (which is available at “Manage Your Subscription”), you must have your unique link to have the option of subscribing again. You may want to save a copy of an e-mail from the campaign, such as your last campaign e-mail.]

5. Importance of the copyright
of this website, the campaign and the associated content, such as the examples of logo and documents.

Efficiency among our activities is very important. Especially because we don’t have the power of large sums of money, we need to focus on having the power of a large degree of efficiency. The copyright status emphasizes the importance of efficiency via standardization.

How to help the efficiency. If you identify a need or an idea for an improvement … or want to use the logo in any way …, then communicate to us via the “Contact Bob” link. If you do not get a response within a few days, please use the link again to help ensure that your communication was received by us.

        Thanks in advance for your cooperation and your contributions.
        — Bob Haiducek, on behalf of me and
            all the teams and individuals who support this effort.

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