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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
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Terms and Facts

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Let’s get these terms exposed!

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Choices Single-payer gives excellent choices for all citizens for their health care and their lives.

Freedom to choose:
– physician, specialist, hospital
– profession, career, job, job location

Millions of U.S. citizens don’t have these choices, but they will with single-payer.

Higher Taxes
If all Americans were already educated about all the facts, then statements about taxes would be laughable, making any American audience and other listeners very angry.
— The Costs and Savings is estimated to drop over half from over $13,000 to less than $6,000.
Our government’s own studies and many private studies have documented for over 15 years that single-payer is economical, including giving everyone good health care coverage.

Taxes need to be recognized as a non-issue compared to what matters: the total cost for each of us.

What matters is the TOTAL payment of U.S. health care costs out of the pockets of the average citizen and average business. Citizens and businesses win with single-payer. See the list at “Complex with Many Costs” to see details of the total payment.

Universal health care

Quality affordable health care
Be very careful when you hear or read these terms. They are being used by “all sides” regarding the health care issue. All sides of the health care issue are trying to use the second one to “frame” the argument about what is needed and to indicate what “their plan” will achieve. What has the most meaning and clarity at the present time is “single-payer,” where that means “non-profit.” In other words, whether or not the financing of health care will be non-profit-based or profit-based.There are 2 choices:

1. Simple, non-profit, efficient national health insurance (single-payer) will not only cover everyone, without question, but it will also maximize efficiency and involve no medical bills to patients and the least cost per person. This is what some politicians proudly declare as “socialized medicine” or “government-run health care” as though it was evil. It is not evil to have our health care financed in one, simple, way while we get to still go to private physicians who will not be employed by the government.

2. Complex, profit-driven, inefficient alternatives maintain both health insurance bureaucracy and government bureaucracy, maintaining not only spending of our tax dollars but also maintaining our medical bills. The least cost per person cannot and will not be achieved.

Single-payer allows citizens and businesses to win twice:
less money out of our individual budgets for health insurance, and
no government bureaucracy that gives our tax money to the less efficient health insurance companies through a variety of federal and state programs

Uniquely American solution Yes we can have a unique solution and the best health care system in the world! We can start with these steps:

1. Do the action with the biggest impact, which is to implement the most cost-effective alternative for health care financing: single-payer.
2. In parallel, implement the additional ideas that will save us even more money while covering everyone! Note: some of these ideas are best implemented after the implementation of single-payer, which establishes the best organization and foundation for action.

The more that citizens learn the facts, the more that we want these items:
– hundreds of billions of misdirected dollars to be spent on high quality health care for everyone!

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See Single-Payer Education, including its “Further reading, listening, and viewing”.

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