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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
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Supporting and Related Bureaucracy

Regarding Health Care

Examples of additional roles and functions that are part of the complexities of U.S. health care ... beyond the government bureaucracy and the health insurance companies' bureaucracy.

  • Support staff to deal with dozens or hundreds of health insurance companies and government programs
  • Billing services and/or directly-employed billing support staff for health care providers
  • Lawyer-based support related to Medicaid and long-term care
    • Relevant titles: Medicaid planning by a “Medicaid planning attorney” or “Medicaid planning lawyer”
    • Clarification: this topic is primarily related to Medicaid and not Medicare
  • Bankruptcy lawyers
  • Financial management support, such as credit counseling
  • Fund-raising organizations related to raising money to cover health care costs
  • Collection agencies
  • Loan departments at banks
  • Patient registrations at health care providers
  • Payment by medical providers to insurance companies for malpractice insurance. The size of those premiums will be dramatically reduced, because a patient will not be able to sue for the projected value of health care for the rest of their life, only for the medical error itself and the injuries that it caused.
  • Multiple reasons that lawsuits are naturally forced into occurring.
    In the current system there are naturally-occurring reasons that many patients initiate lawsuits. One example is a perceived accident, causing injury to the patient, that may or may not have occurred as part of treatment. Another example is the case of the medical professional(s) actually pursuing the wrong treatment, causing injury. Either way, the patient may face unexpected health care costs for a combination of additional treatment, therapy and/or long-term care and be unable to afford those costs. These unexpected health care costs will not occur with improved Medicare for All, which will automatically provide necessary health care.

More complexity is being added as a result of the March 2010 law.

See the March 2010 law, an investigative report.


Additional Information

What will be done to support all those employees who will need to find new jobs?
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Let’s eliminate the unnecessary administrative functions
within all 3 types of bureaucracy.


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