Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Dr. Stephen Blythe

Need for a national health plan – 12:00 minute audio

  • To access this audio go to FL-15

Review of the Audio – time on audio and the subject

  • 1:00 socialized medicine vs. education and fire protection and libraries
  • Different costs, depending on who pays
    • 2:30 negotiated prices and kickbacks by insurance companies
    • 3:25 CT Scan $3,000 vs $650 … or even $450
  • 4:00 Moral and ethical values not discussed by politicians when maintaining the status quo
    • Bankruptcies
    • Deaths due to lack of care due to lack of insurance
    • Only developed country that does not ensure that every citizen
  • 7:25 I was a provider within the Canadian health care system for about 2,000 Canadians; they had access to health care all the time; they do not worry about access, and “I thought it was a great system”
  • 8:20 Results of establishing a single-payer system
    • 9:35 $3,000 hearing aids
      • The Veterans Administration only pays $300 each
    • 10:15 focusing on priorities: on everyone having care before we use the exotic and expensive care
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Universal Health Care, Improved Medicare for All as per U.S. House Resolution 676
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