Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Regarding Health Care Financing

Maximum simplicity includes
minimal involvement of politicians!

Simplicity — Americans want the best health care in the world, which means that we are in critical need of the best health care financing in the world, which means the simplest.

  • The U.S. needs single-payer health care in order to reduce bureaucracy.
  • Single-payer health care is the best way to finance health care, as confirmed by Taiwan in it studies of 10-12 countries and confirmed by many economic studies.
  • A dramatic reduction in the government bureaucracy needs to occur.
  • At a minimum, we will not have 50 separae states involved, which would still have 50 sets of lobbyists in place to continually try to undermine or eliminate the programs in each state.
  • Instead of 50 states, we need national single-payer health care, including the use of the 10 current Medicare regions. Those 10 regions would help address address regional differences.
  • To maintain the simplicity and to maintain single-payer, it must be “accountable to the people” and “insulated from the Legislature.”1
    • The public agency that does the functions of the single-payer must remain independent of the normal day-to-day decision-making in the U.S. Congress and, therefore, independent of those thousands of lobbyists and companies who work hard every day to influence the U.S. Congress.


Additional Information

World View — From a world view the U.S. is decades behind on this topic.

Personal Description by Rob, a Canadian

  • Note: we do not want Canadian health care financing, because they have a separate plan for each province; that would be line having 50 state plans. However, Canadian provinces do have a high degree of simplicity as noted here …
  • Some years ago, during one of my many contacts with people from around the world, I was talking to a Canadian who came for a meal at our home in Michigan about the time of his retirement. He had raised 3 children to adulthood and had plenty of experience with the Canadian health care system. He and I had worked together for 4.5 years when I and my young family were living in Canada.
  • The conversation went something like this:
    • Me: Rob, how would you describe the Canadian health care system?
    • My friend Rob immediately pulled out his health insurance card and showed it to me. It was much different than the plain red and white one that my wife and I and each of our two sons had. It had important additions, such as a person’s photograph and a magnetic strip like credit cards have with key information on them.
  • My friend Rob: “It’s simple. You walk in with your health card and they swipe it to register you. You get your health care from the physician or hospital. Then you walk out with your health card.”

We Want Simplicity and Efficiency!
and we want it NOW!

Eliminate Costly Bureaucracy
with Non-Profit Single-Payer
National Health Insurance!

Be able to cover everyone
from cradle to grave,
womb to the tomb

Our care will be provided by primary care physicians who will maintain their private practices, but have less stress, lower operating costs, more time for patients, and a staff that can focus dramatically more on the patients and dramatically less on the now simplified administrative functions.

  1. “Health Care Meltdown* by Robert H. LeBow, MD, which is revised and updated by C. Rocky White, MD. for the 2007 edition; p. 271. back


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