Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.


Posters, Banners, Signs,
Bumper Stickers and Adhesive-Backed Labels

The following pdf files require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can obtain here.

Banners or posters/signs, to be used “as is”:

Posters/signs with white background: additions, such as organization name are permitted, courtesy of

Signs and Adhesive-backed labels: use “as is”

We highly recommended Federal Express (formerly Kinko’s) for printing the sheets of stickers, based on both quality and price. If you find any national-chain which is as good as what Federal Express provides for quality and price, please contact Bob.

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Accessing the Files with Adobe Acrobat Reader

For printed copies of a concise version of the information on this web page please access and print the associated pdf document.

When selecting the link to the pdf file, if the file does not automatically download, then you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. You can download a free copy by clicking on the following image:

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We can and will get improved Medicare for All
via the best solution: single-payer health insurance

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