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Republican Party

The Republican Party, as strongly emphasized in their 2012 party platform, linked and referenced below, wants to change Medicare into a “premium-support” (voucher) system. Seniors, including the elderly, will be on their own for researching, decision-making and paying for health care.

The United States would continue to be the ONLY free-market country without universal health care. ... and ... The United States would continue to be the ONLY free-market country with out-of-control health care costs. Why? Because every other free-market country HAS universal health care and every other free-market country has health care costs that are under control compared to the United States.

  • The Republican Party does not support single-payer based on its 2012 platform (pdf):
    • In 2012 platform: what is present is a move to more privatization of health care for Seniors and a probable phase-out of the traditional Medicare, as indicated by the words “… transition to …” in the following list:

      — Page 3: ” … Our reform of healthcare will empower millions of seniors to control their personal healthcare decisions, …” [Note: you are on your own to research and decide how you will get health care coverage.]

      — Page 22: “… we call for a transition to a premium-support model for Medicare in competition with private plans …” [Note: move to a voucher system where seniors must each do their own research and decision-making regarding coverage with the senior paying for all costs that are greater than the government voucher.]

      — Page 22: ” … for in healthcare, as in any other sector of the economy, genuine competition is the best guarantee of better care at lower cost.”
      [Note: The United States moved to a heavier emphasis on a private health care solutions, such as “managed care” in the mid-1970’s about the time that Canada finished its implementation of its national health care program. As seen in the graph, the United States lost.]

      — Page 33: “We believe that taking care of one’s health is an individual responsibility.” [Note: The Republican Party indicates that you should be on your OWN without the huge advantage of efficiency that can and will be achieved with national single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All.]

      — Page 33: “Consumer choice is the most powerful factor in healthcare reform. Today’s highly mobile work force requires portability of insurance coverage that can go with them from job to job.” [See previous note(s).]

  We, as informed, petitioning voters,  
  expect support from our political leaders
regarding universal health care, Medicare for All.

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