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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Reasons to Write

Knowledge of the facts
Scheduled changes to Medicare (to more privatization)
Need for the correct debate
Recent input from the people; same attitude in U.S. Congress
Power of the people can cause the needed change of attitude

Knowledge of the facts: See Single-Payer Education

Scheduled changes to Medicare, our single-payer health care

  • Despite a clear need to implement single-payer, our U.S. Congress and our U.S. President passed and signed a law in 2003 that has Medicare scheduled to move away more from its single-payer status to a higher use of private health insurance companies.
  • This change would occur by the year 2010 in a six-city trial of a partly-privatized Medicare system.
  • Medicare is unfortunately already partly-privatized! Our taxes are already going to so-called Medicare Advantage plans and are a source of increased profits of private health insurance companies
  • Now Medicare is scheduled to go even more in the wrong direction!
  • This is outrageous! We must have our tax dollars spent in an efficient financing method instead of a financing method that is very poor! For more about financing see the financing topics here:
    Current Condition of U.S. Health Care Financing
    Single-Payer: Comparison to Current System

Need for the correct debate

Out of the facts and numbers and possible debates, the debate that is needed is about H.R. 676. Let’s do it!

Recent input from the people, but same attitude in the U.S. Congress

  • Recent inputs to the U.S. Congress
    • We gave our input In the fall of 2006 the U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators received a report, which they initiated, that overwhelmingly gave our input of overwhelming support: we want single-payer.
    • We submitted petitions and health care stories In the spring of 2007 the U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators each received a 141-page booklet “Petitions to Congress from the People”_pdf dated April 24, 2007 from Healthcare-Now. The document communicated thousands of petitions and health care “horror stories.”
  • Despite the above information, here is the attitude of the U.S. Congress:
    • As seen in the extremely low levels of support prior to 2009, the attitude of most U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators needs to change in order to align with the will of the people, of whom over half want single-payer.

Power of the people can cause the needed change of attitude towards getting single-payer

  • We can change the attitude of the U.S. Congress
    • Politicians are most likely to respond to personally-written notes from individual constituents; in other words, they respond to voters, especially with the right number of notes. If we want results, we need to invest the necessary time and effort as voters.
    • Unified Actions by the People. All of us, in unison via the same schedule of dates, need the use of simple, powerful tools that are available to us: writing personal notes and voting. Millions of us can “march” together in spirit on the same dates to our mailboxes. Since we are voters and future voters, our personal notes have clout. So let’s write!.

We have one of the best health care systems of the world: we simply need to let everyone have access to it!

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