Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Reality in Other Countries

Testimonials and Important Data

Their health and, therefore, quality of life, is significantly better than Americans, such as their life expectancy and their country’s ability to minimize avoidable (preventable) deaths prior to age 75. They have peace of mind and more freedoms regarding health care, including having major surgery and coming out with no major medical bill and usually no bill at all.

Testimonials from citizens in other countries:
living with universal health care

Testimonials communicate reality: what it’s like for the large majority of people in those other countries.


The Summary:
— The (extensive) care … (including major surgery) … has been exceptional and I’ve walked away not paying one cent. On non serious issues I can go to my GP tomorrow … to (be) checked out and walk away without paying anything.
— Challenge from the Australian: "Can you do that in the States?"

The Testimonial

I’m … from Australia and we have government run healthcare. I don’t understand why people in the States seem so frightened by (a health-care-for-all system) and why there are so many scare stories going around that you can’t get treatment when you get sick.

To cut a long story short this year (when) I found an inconvenience and went to my GP to check out, I ended up going to see many specialists, many scans , a biopsy, major operation, chemo & now finally the last step radiation. I didn’t have to wait long for anything, it was from one thing to another until the correct diagnosis was achieved & no insurance company was involved denying what they deem expensive tests. This all literally happened so fast that I never had time for what was happening with me to sink in.

The care has been exceptional and I’ve walked away not paying one cent.

On non serious issues I can go to my GP tomorrow if I have a tickle in my throut (throat) to get it checked out and walk away without paying anything.

Can you do that in the States?

— from Zrinka, an Australian 12/29/2010

Additional Countries

See more testimonials that are available at this website.


Important Data About Other Countries’ Reality

  • Other countries have better health, as seen in comparisons to the United States. These comparisons show clearly that we will be able to get more, pay less, and cover everyone when we implement a health-care-for-all system: Improved Medicare for All
  • Better life expectancy
  • Much lower number of avoidable (preventable) deaths prior to age 75; that's called amenable mortality.
  • Peace of mind and freedoms regarding health care
  • All at less than half the cost.


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