Medicare for All
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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Power of the People

We are establishing and then continuously expanding the power of the people to get national single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All.
     … in terms of knowledge, appropriate focus, numbers, communications, efficiency, and unity

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Knowledge is Power. We need to inform ourselves and as many people as we can about Improved Medicare for All. Knowledge increases awareness and establishes a higher level of comfort among Americans.
As one person said it: “The facts are on our side.”
And another person indicated at a single-payer health care national meeting: The Million Letters for Health Care campaign is a practical way to greatly help get Improved Medicare for All.
Appropriate Focus
Our focus is primarily on each other and secondarily on the members of the U.S. Congress. The members of the U.S. Congress are the ones who have failed us eight times in the last 75 years. We must concentrate on each other. We must concentrate on the education of 1) the millions of Americans who want America to catch up in the world-wide movement of countries' setting up universal health care for the benefit of their citizens and their country and 2) the millions of Americans who have been so badly hurt by one or more of the long list of unnecessary hardships that occur due to our current complex, costly health care. After we have finished that education by knowing how many Americans have signed up at this website in every state, then we can be unified in a massive communication event to the members of the U.S. Congress.
High Level of Comfort
Our focus on our future peace of mind, as emphasized at this website, is a powerful force that will help us get that peace of mind. Our high comfort level, such as knowing about the peace of mind that we'll have, allows us to ignore what the opposition has done and is doing to fill Americans' minds full of doubt and fear. No system is perfect. The opposition finds an imperfection(s) in another country and blows it out of proportion. The following truth must be known by millions of Americans: citizens in other countries like their universal health care to an incredibly high degree; most of them do not want what the average American has.
A Little Effort by Many equals High Impact. A way to help assure ourselves of achieving the necessary impact is to do a SMALL effort of personal communications every month by MILLIONS of us.

Growing numbers bringing up the subject of Improved Medicare for All often. Since health care is a hot topic in the United States and it's a concern of many Americans, it’s natural to bring it up in conversation.
— Tell a person that you work on getting health care for everyone in the country. Put an emphasis on the word "everyone". During the chat suggest that they go to
— Know the answers or refer to them on-line to be able to answer questions and concerns.

Personalized Communications to the U.S. Congress Equals High Impact. Using the help that we give you via a campaign e-mail, the effort is small but the impact is high. Why? Because YOU are TAKING THE TIME to compose YOUR note with our suggestions plus YOUR ideas that you will use to change or expand the note so that it is uniquely your note to your members of the U.S. Congress. Your action to compose your note changes the presented form letter into your personal communication.
That is powerful, especially when coupled with members of the U.S. Congress being literally flooded with our communications.

The necessary effort by you is now smaller than ever, because a communications event involves one action instead of monthly actions, 12 times per year. Also, there is no longer any need for you to have a printer, paper, envelope and stamp and make a trip to the mailbox or post office, because we will print your letters and deliver them for you. As long as you have an email address, access to using the internet to this website, and have the use of a telephone to make a few phone calls on or near your assigned date for making calls, you will be all set.
Summary: We will provide help with suggestions when we notify you that it's time to "GO!" (take action). All you need is the use of the internet and a telephone.

Use of the Same Documents. One of the significant ways to have efficiency to save a huge amount of time, money and effort is for everyone in the single-payer movement to use exactly the same documents, which are maintained in one place and are updated in one place with version numbers and dates on all documents. That’s the reason that all documents at this website are copyrighted material. When there is a correction or a refinement made, everyone in the United States (and Americans outside the U.S.) benefit by going to the website and getting the current version of a document(s) before printing more copies. And … for on-line references, such as the Answers web page, everyone in the United States is always going to display the latest version every time by keeping the extensive Answers only in the on-line form, not printed. (We might offer a printable pdf version after the Answers have gone through several rounds of reviews by activists to confirm their readiness).

Use of the Same Procedures. A significant way to have not only efficiency in time, money and effort, but also a unifying synergistic impact is for everyone to be doing the same actions in a consistent manner. Synergism means that the total impact of all the individual actions is much greater than a simple addition of the actions; millions of Americans all doing exactly the same action has FAR greater an impact than millions of Americans doing 30 or 40 or 50 different actions. Doing actions in a consistent manner means following the instructions that are provided and not deviating from them. If the instructions need to be refined, then it’s up to individual participants to please make suggestions to make them better for the entire movement.

Numbers +
Personal +

When we get to the campaign phase where we add our time-efficient phone calls to our activities, we will have the power of our numbers. We’ll each make personal calls to our own U.S. Representative on our (efficiently-planned) personal “day of the month” as seen in the “Call for Single-Payer” instructions that participants will receive. By then the Representatives will know that they each will have thousands of informed constituents calling them.

a Set of

A way to try to assure ourselves that Americans will embrace the future of having improved Medicare for All is to provide them with:

1) Positive information about the improvements we will be able to achieve. Such information is provided via the message “Get more. Pay less. Cover everyone.”
    See “What Every American Should Know” for positively-focused information.

2) Answers to fellow Americans' questions and concerns.
    See “Answers”.

A way to help assure ourselves that we will get the law signed is to create and maintain momentum, which is what the steps are all about …
    See the three Steps to Success.

Consider the efficiency of doing the steps to inform a small group or individual via on-line, up-to-date information
—  on-line information displayed
—  a group small enough (you and 1 to 4 people) to allow everyone time
       to express their questions, concerns and comments
—  with on-line answers to whatever is asked or expressed, and
—  with the on-line sign-up screen available to invite people
      to sign-up and help them do the sign-up immediately.
Votes When millions of Americans have the knowledge about Improved Medicare for All, then millions of Americans will be ready to cast their votes for those who will most likely help establish the necessary law, such as H.R. 676.

Advice from Paul Loeb

Know what Paul Rogat Loeb, the author of “The Impossible Will Take a Little While” has to say. He has studied the accomplishments of many people and groups.

He shares his input on what a social movement needs: personal contact activities, such as getting out in the streets, knocking on doors, and making phone calls.

Personal contacts for us, for our social movement to occur, means contacting a person one-on-one or in a group of up to four persons at a computer screen, because we need to inform people and give you and them a chance to get answers to questions and concerns. See more information about this at the Personal web page.

You can listen to Mr. Loeb say his words about personal contacts at 2:10 minutes into the GritTV interview conducted on April 9, 2010, during which the reference was his latest edition of the book “Soul of a Citizen”.

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The Power of the People will establish universal health care!


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