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Medicare for All.
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Poster Patient

Rich and his bucket list plea that we donate.

Rich from happier times.


More photos are provided after his story below.
Rich was amazing in how well he handled his
physical and financial challenges with a positive attitude.
There he is, above, before he lost all his hair due to the cancer treatments.

His #1 bucket list item was to have you please donate to help

raise the funds for the 10 Million Americans for Health Care campaign.

The campaign is now dedicated to him; he died on 6/27/2013.

Over 30 million letters will be delivered across the U.S. Congressional Districts
from over 10 million Health Care Patriots, the participants in the campaign.

Bucket List.  Rich wanted his set of experiences, below, to be a help in getting people to donate money for the 10 Million Americans for Health Care Campaign. That was #1 on his bucket list, so that's why this web page exists with his request that you please donate.

Rich's Story

Story. Rich lived near St. Louis Missouri. His cancer started in his knee. He had 3 amputations of his right leg; there was nothing left. His slow-growing cancer went to fast-growing and throughout his body by the spring of 2013. Rich's cancer was rare: synovial sarcoma with the more detailed name listed below.
His story made him a great poster patient, because many parts of his story were unfortunately very typical experiences of millions of Americans:
— had health insurance in 1985-1987, then none until 2003.
— experienced symptoms at his right knee, starting in 1999-2000;
— went to a free health clinic; had administrative roadblocks; was denied treatment
— returned to clinic in 2001 and got okay to see orthopedic surgeon
— received diagnosis: a rare disease: synovial osteochondromatosis
— received surgery and physical therapy via financial aid (charity care) of the hospitals
— received no suggestion from surgeon to do specific follow-up treatment
— got job with health insurance in 2003
waited long time before seeing doctor till 2005
         despite increase in limited movement and pain
— went back to doctor; got knee replacement, found cancer: chondrosarcoma
— had first amputation in 2005; hospital set up a payment plan
— started years of challenges with various sizes and fittings and
    payments for prosthetic legs, including applying for and often getting
    charity care
— had second amputation in early 2008; hospital set up another payment plan
— had to pay an additional health insurance deductible due to change in benefits
— had periods of time off work for each major treatment
— confirmed cancer had spread (metastized) to lungs after doing own research
— had lung surgery in late 2008; the bills added more to his payment plan
— applied for charity care; another payment plan was set up with hospital
— missed lot of work due to long recovery time, then had to quit work
— had third amputation in 2010, removing entire leg bone into hip socket
— had to quit his job in 2010 and be on the COBRA costly temporary insurande
approved for Medicaid in 2010 with $1,100 per month deductible
— applied additional times for hospital charity care support of his health care expenses
applied for disability status via the Social Security Administration
rejected from Medicaid in 2012 due to son moving into home
— waited for three years before he could go into Medicare support
    after his disability status was obtained
— had a faster-growing cancer by 2013
— has a prescription to take morphine and Vicodin for the pain by the time he started getting hospice care
— tried to make sure that preparations are in place for "final arrangements" several months before he died
Status of Rich and the campaign preparations.  Rich was one of the volunteers who reviewed some of the content of the website to help refine it, and he continued to contribute as much as he could. He was part of the team in November-December 2010 that reviewed the entire Affordable Care Act. He also had been a monthly donor, donating $5 per month.

Rich after his first of three amputations of his leg.
(2 photos)


Photo 1 of 2.


Photo 2 of 2.

Rich on a family vacation that he
was able to schedule between cancer treatments.
(3 photos, following)


Photo 1 of 3.


Photo 2 of 3

He and family members went to an 
unusual outdoor creation of life underground
with ants this large!


Photo 3 of 3

Rich said:  "Please donate."

FYI: Rich is the younger brother of Bob,
the contact person for this website and the campaign.
Near the end of April 2013 Rich learned that
he had an estimated six months to live.
He died the morning of 6/27/2013.

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