Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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But They're Dying by Sarah





These poems are volunteered by the person indicated by each poem.

As you read the poems, you might want to also refer to the following realities:

The negatives about the U.S. health care system prior to the implementation of universal health care:


The positives about the U.S. universal health care after it is implemented:

Peace of Mind 

With single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All:

Peace of Mind will replace Hardships.

Freedoms will replace Restrictions.

Finally, after 75 years of failure of our U.S. Congress to implement a pure single-payer health care with only one fund, one plan, and one payer to establish the best universal health care in the world.


But They're Dying

by Sarah

Taxes pay for fires, but they won’t pay for burns.
In seventy five long years, nobody learns.
It depends upon the circumstance.
You won’t pay for ambulance.
You haul the screaming sick away.
But you resolve to never pay.
You haunt them with their own disease.
Then terrify them with bills you fleece.
It’s the American system gone amuck.
And for hundreds of years we are told we’re stuck.
Healthcare for all is a liberal’s dream.
A communist big brother take over scheme
We are proud American entrepreneurs.
That take on the world and knock on doors.
We’ve got products to sell and money to make.
Oil to drill and cookies to bake.
Keep your European ideas at bay.
We don’t care what you have to say.
But they’re dying, I tell you, dying all around.
Can’t you hear their cries, their pleading sound?
We want health care, nothing else will do.
How can you deny what is true?

— Submitted by Sarah  on 1/6/2013









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