Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Pleas for Efficiency
in Health Care Financing

from U.S. citizens **

The efficiency of putting all a country’s citizens in one big risk pool has been so clearly demonstrated by the success of those other countries which have adopted universal health insurance, I’m surprised we haven’t switched to such a system already

A single payer health care system is urgently needed. We are currently spending about 15% of our GDP (more than any other nation) with lower quality health care than many other nations because much of the cost is going to health care “networks”. That is inefficient, ineffective, and just plain stupid.

It’s time to come out of the dark ages and provide our people with health care. The idea that only some people deserve such care is obviously stupid and cruel. Also, it’s obvious that we could finance such a plan. The day of the inefficient, short-(sighted) health insurance company era should pass. Isn’t America supposed to be about innovation?

As a physician and medical informatician, I have spent many years of study and research trying to understand and improve the inefficiencies and inequities in our healthcare system. I have concluded that the only sensible solution to this problem is well-conceived and well-executed universal healthcare, such as is proposed in HR-676. While profit is essential to any free society, unfair manipulation of the political system for the benefit of corporations (and, yes, even their shareholders) must not be tolerated. This is even moreso when the cost of this unfair manipulation is paid for disproportionately by the taxpayers and less fortunate among us. Oddly enough, the person who convinced me several years ago that universal, single-payer healthcare was the solution is a manager at a major health insurance company. With three children and a stay-at-home wife, he surely values his good job with this company; however, he knows that universal healthcare is the right move and that he will find a way to productively employ his skills regardless of potential major corporate restructuring to accommodate such an ethically and imperative change. Furthermore, universal healthcare is needed for the economic health of our country, both to ensure the stability of large corporations and to encourage the formation of innovative new companies.

A conservative’s plea for efficiency. On most issues, I’m a Conservative and all for the free market providing the needs of the people instead of the government but I’ve studied this health-care issue as much as possible. I’ve come to the conclusion that the time has come to do what all other modern industrial nation has done. It’s time to expand Medicare to all U.S. citizens. As a Conservative, I’m for small government but sometimes the free market can’t meet the needs of the people. I see health-care being administered so much more efficiently and humanely for the same cost by a Medicare type system. How can anyone be against that? I’ve heard the Pros’s and the Con’s, no system is perfect, but we can beat what we have now. I understand that the majority of Americans want something like Medicare for all. If Americans want it and Americans are willing to pay for it and our elected Congress members are there to represent the American people then what’s the hold up? The insurance lobby? We have more votes than they do and we can elect Congress members that will represent Americans instead of the insurance industry. Medicare for All will happen some day, so it’s not if, but when. It’s time the Conservatives in Congress to rethink this issue and get on board. I’d really hate to leave your camp but I want H.R.676 to happen even if that’s what it takes.

Free our doctors, nurses and therapists to spend their valuable time and skills caring for people, not wading through 100s of different insurance coverage options and payment denials. Single-Payer efficiency–with regional administration–channels all that wasted money into actually treating the sick and preventing illness

We spend more than other nations and have a less efficient system. We can expect more! …

Basic healthcare should be a right, not an option for the rich and privileged. Why should an individual risk losing everything they own and incur huge credit card debt simply because they became ill? The current system seems to put money into (for-profit health) insurance companies while making the actual system of caring for people inefficient and sometimes dangerous. Isn’t it time for America to take care of its citizens?

The insurance based model for financing health care in this country … is a wasteful and inefficient system. The cost of obtaining health care has become such a burden that millions of people are without health insurance. Our country needs a single payer, Medicare for all program such as that contained in HR-676. …

When will we stop these endless ‘controversies’ and false debates? When will we realize that treating medical care like fancy shoes that we should comparison shop for and which unless we “feel” the cost we will consume mindlessly is nonsense? How long shall we keep on trying to reinvent the wheel? All industrialized nations do it. Why not we? Please support HR676, the only universal proposal that controls costs effectively, can deliver health care efficiently, at the same time that it treats it as a social right, as it should be.

We need affordable, efficient health care for everyone. Health care should not be rationed.

Health care is too expensive and inefficient. Too many people are not covered nor have inadequate coverage. We can afford a universal, single-payer system, and we need it now. Please give your full support to such a system.

… My family is fortunate: we still have insurance coverage, though (as with so many others) can’t be certain that this will always be the case. But we feel that in a country with the resources that ours has there is no excuse whatsoever for failing to provide guaranteed reasonable levels of health care for all - not just as a ‘right’, but because it makes hard-nosed economic sense (business suffers the costs of health-care inefficiencies as well, and variations in employer support for health care significantly reduce the liquidity of the labor market). …

My company is a Medicaid and Medicare provider of durable medical equipment for individuals with disabilities. We try to make available desperately needed technology for people with conditions such as ALS (Lou Gerhig’s Disease), people who cannot afford to wait out the time-wasting tactics that insurance companies regularly employ. We all suffer in one way or another from the inefficient health care system as it currently exists, but for the folks with congenital or acquired conditions that I deal with daily, this suffering is routinely elevated to tragic proportions. Funding is rarely approved without a fight, and then it is often under paid. Add to this the cost of a health plan for my tiny company’s employees and we are just getting by, swimming against the current. If we lost this battle, there is no other competitor in our area that could provide the same essential services we now provide. While this might suit the insurance companies, it would be bad news for the population we serve. …

(We need to) clear out (the inefficiencies). Implement “Medicare for All” it’s the right thing to do and it’s time.

We simply cannot afford to have 40% of our population going without health insurance- why would we want to? But we simply cannot afford to continue using the health insurance companies. They have shown absolutely no restraint in their greed. Medicare for all is simple, fair, efficient, and affordable.

HR 676 presents the most rational, efficient and fair tool to provide … the kind of universal health care access that is available to every citizen in all other industrialized nations. It preserves all that is good about healthcare in the U S and eliminates excessive cost and overwhelming insurance barriers. It makes it possible for citizens to get sick without going bankrupt and for physicians and other healthcare providers to focus on patient care rather than paperwork. Only when we all can access needed healthcare will be have a society that can claim to offer freedom and justice for all.

It’s been prooven that Medicare is the most efficient health care system in this county, with the least amount of waste and overhead. With premiums based on ability to pay, everyone will get fair & equal medical coverage, which will benifit all. Preventative maintenance catches medical issues before they become expensive problem

We all want the best medical care when we need it. It costs money. (We need to) all share the risk and cost together. We then have … quality, efficiency and cost containment. … I think we can find an equitable way to finance health care …

I am a retired RN that worked over 40 years in the healthcare system. Based on my experience I know that the System needs changing. We have a sick care system not a healthcare system and if we could change that people would be a whole lot healthier and productive and we would save a lot of money for other important issues. The first step is universal single payer health care. Take the profit out of healthcare as all the other leading industrial nations have done. That will force us to change the way we deliver care and make it more efficient and economical.


** Unless noted otherwise the stories and petitions are from the Healthcare-Now! booklet “Petitions to Congress”, which is available either on-line or as a purchased copy. To limit the size of this web page and its associated web pages the following information has been removed: names, dates, cities, states, most ages, comments about topics that are not health care costs or insurance, comments that were simply general statements or complaints, and names of insurance companies.

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