Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Petitions and Personal Stories

  • Go to Real Life Stories to see a long list of personal experiences regarding health care in the United States

    • The source of many of the stories is this important document, available from Healthcare-Now: Petitions to Congress from the People
    • Thousands of people submitted their petitions, including personal stories and very strong support for single-payer, to the organization Healthcare-Now.
    • This excellent 140 page document, sorted by state, was developed by Healthcare-Now and is provided by Healthcare-Now at this link to the document [pdf]. It can also be purchased.1
  • Be motivated, but also cautious, about personal stories

    • Personal stories are very good to keep in mind to help us think of the millions of people who have been horribly impacted in the United States regarding health care and health care financing.
    • However, we also need to keep in mind this challenging reality: personal stories from other countries will be used by sophisticated media campaigns to influence millions of people to have opinions that are against their own interests. So please have Focus!

  1. This thick booklet is might still be available for purchase. To inquire, send an e-mail to info@healthcare-now.orgback

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