Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Peace of Mind

Health Care Peace of Mind

& More Freedoms

Make health care decisions and life choices without
unnecessary financial, physical and emotional stress
after we implement universal health care:
national single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All.

United States universal health care will provide health care access for everyone. Everybody In. Nobody Out.

  • Health care decisions
    • Choice of physicians and other medical professionals that are not restricted by health insurance companies
    • Choice of medical facilities that are not restricted by health insurance companies
    • Decisions on medical treatment that are not dictated by health insurance companies
  • Freedom to make life choices without hurting your health care access

         Freedom to:
    • Choose a profession, employer, job position
    • Be an entrepreneur
    • Decide on the timing of your retirement
    • Take a leave of absence
    • Change your job, such as to part-time work,
    • Have more time to take care of the needs of a relative or friend
  • Removal of financial, physical and emotional stress
    • No co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance
    • No major medical bills coming in the mail
    • No bankruptcy or loss of home due to major medical bills
    • No fear of how a child or a parent will get health insurance or will pay for medical bills
    • Little or no additional costs beyond what most people will pay, which is a few percent increase in the health care payroll tax in exchange for the huge savings of never paying premiums to health insurance companies
    • No restrictions on health care decisions that are defined by health insurance companies (see examples in the above list of health care decisions)


What is the cost for “peace of mind”? We will pay a MUCH LOWER cost per person than the current amount. The U.S. pays an incredibly high 2.5 (250%!) times the average cost of other industrialized countries. See a chart of comparison of the United States' cost to six top performing countrires out of 30 free-market countries.


Compared to other countries, we will have the lowest risk of hardships and major medical bills and the best chance at establishing the lowest prices for drugs and equipment through negotiation. Why? Due to our large population. As a result, our health carefor all system will be the best in the world.

Invitation: Be Informed and Sign Up.

Reflections of Bob and links to more
regarding true peace of mind and freedoms.
So much could be written.
So much has been experienced by so many,
but outside of the United States.

Personal Experiences of Many Americans

Personal note from Bob. I wish it was possible to speak with each of you to personally to communicate how I and many other Americans ... and many citizens around the world ... feel, based on our experiences. Words on a web page don’t seem enough to share with you how very strongly positive we feel about health care for all and the peace of mind that it provides. The United States needs single-payer health care via improved Medicare for All.
— Bob the Health and Health Care Advocate

Many Experiences Documented by Many Americans in Many Countries. In addition to my experiences, below, you can read the experiences of many Americans who live and work in other countries. Read their testimonials.

Deep Appreciation. Based our life experiences, we have a very deep appreciation for what peace of mind means regarding health care. Residents in other industrialized, free-market countries in the world know what I am writing about when I write “peace of mind”. I have spoken to many people from many countries during the past 10-15 years about health care. They look at me in amazement; that is, they are dumbfounded that the United States has not implemented health care for all years ago.

Here are some examples of where I got my appreciation:

  • travels in other countries
  • business trips in other countries
  • medical emergencies in other countries
    • medical emergency (mine) in southern Germany due to eye-related emergency
    • medical emergency (our son, who was 3 years old) in northern Germany due to dog biting his jaw
    • medical emergency of my wife’s cousin in England who was tested and evaluated for an entire day
  • living in Canada for 4.5 years with my wife and our two sons, who were in early elementary-school grades
  • knowing a 20-something Canadian-American neighbor, a close acquaintance, who made the easy decision to move back to Canada. He very much needed health care. An entire web page could be filled just by this one man's story, and there are many stories that can be told about good health care for a decent price without hardships --- in other countries.
  • discussions about this subject with people from other countries
    • All over. American citizens in other countries who had medical emergencies.
    • Canada. Canadian friends with whom I’ve spoken since we moved back to the States.
    • Germany. American citizen friend who has lived in Germany for decades.
    • All over. Just a few examples of my many personal contacts with people from outside and inside the United States:
      — November 2007 at the International Youth Hostel in Chicago: one-on-one contacts with people from Hungary, Australia, England (2), Singapore, and Canada. ALL of these people are amazed that the U.S. has not established health care for all with non-profit national financing of health care.
      — October 2013 during what I call my "field testing" face-to-face with Americans. It's amazing to learn the real-life experiences of Americans about which the people in other countries are so amazed. Nashville Tennessee: a woman in her 50's whose husband was in the hospital for 40 days; now they have a $245,000 bill. Litchfield Illlinois: a woman in her 20's who declared bankruptcy and is trying to pay her $16,000 bill.
    • France. Although I wasn’t there at the large restaurant table in France, I related to what that table-full of American citizens said to Michael Moore very roughly half-way (as I recall) into the movie SiCKO; during those 2 segments of the movie those Americans expressed peace of mind regarding health care. Their words, their facial expressions and their tone of voice made it very clear that they are highly satisfied with health care … outside of the U.S.

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We can and will have peace of mind and new freedoms.


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