Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

No E-Mail Address?

Do you or someone you know have no e-mail address?
It’s still possible to be “One in a Million!”

If you or someone you know has no e-mail address … and you or they want to participate, such as sending a monthly letter or only focus on making a monthly call(s) … and also be counted in the Million Letters for Health Care campaign, then have someone please do the following steps:

Determine the person’s U.S. Congressional District Number:

1. Go here and get their 9-digit zipcode (ZIP + 4)
2. Go here, enter their 9-digit zipcode (ZIP + 4), and select “Go” to get the representative’s name, followed by state & U.S. Congressional District number.

If there is any difficulty determining the U.S. Congressional District number, then please provide the street address with apartment number for us to be able to do the necessary work of determining U.S. Congressional District number.

Send the needed information:

Go here to send the following information:
- First and last name
- City and State
- U.S. Congressional District number (from above)
     or street address with apartment number
- Telephone number

Thank You for Participating
And Being Counted as One in a Million

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