Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Invitation: Be Informed and Sign Up.


Campaign Needs for Success

Heatlh Care Patriots, Volunteers and Donors



Health Care Patriots

We need Americans who follow the Campaign Strategy.

See the details at the Strategy page.

State Contacts

For Health Care Patriots  Some Health Care Patriots in your state will need help in following the instructions for preparing their letters and sending them electronically. And some may need help in preparing to make their phone calls.

For the Publicity Stunt. Before the letter deliveries occur in each state some specific preparations need to occur related to union-based or employee-owned printing companies and related to media contacts.

Volunteers: Reviewers

Answers Project. Immediate Need. Some persons have volunteered. If you want to review the answers and give feedback, please contact Bob. 

Volunteers: Researchers

Being a “researcher” means a person who has an interest in finding information, such as doing an extensive number of Google searches to find specific information.
Country Facts
Facts about countries implementing universal health care. A researcher(s) to determine the complete current list of countries in phase 2 of the world-wide movement of implementing universal health care. First contact Bob to confirm what research has been done to date. Reference: World View.
Identification of Strong U.S. Congress Supporters
What members of the U.S. Congress are supporters and who are strong supporters. Where we find a member of Congress who is definitely a strong supporter, we won’t need a supporter to try to kick them out of their job in their next election.


Please donate once per month or one-time.
The need for money is critical for the success of the campaign.
We need money for:
— promotional activities for this massive campaign.
— support for the website, including a service that helps the website availability and response time.
— conducting the communications event and then the publicity stunt
These are just examples of the needs for money. But the bottom-line is that money is required for the success of the campaign in being a major force for getting universal health care.






    Know what every American
should know, 

and then   

    Sign Up to be notified
when the campaign starts
to get strong support
from the U.S. Congress
for universal health care,
     Medicare for All.   

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Universal Health Care, Improved Medicare for All as per U.S. House Resolution 676
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