Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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More Jobs and Better Health
via Improved Medicare for All

Select: More Jobs and/or Better Health to see the impact of the simplicity and efficiency of a one-plan, one-payer, health-care-for-all system, which we can and will achieve with Improved Medicare for All.


More Jobs via Improved Medicare for All

into LOWER LABOR COSTS which can
provide opportunities for more MORE JOBS.

As seen at Figure 1. U.S. can be more competitive on cost, as indicated by the cost benefits of a health-care-for-all system.

Results: more jobs via
     ... more job opportunities in all economic
                  sectors due to the lower labor costs
     ... more health care performed
due to lower costs
     ... more jobs via more spending on products and services instead of wasting about 30% of our health care dollars (over $400 billion per year) on inefficiency of unnecessary administrative functions and roles within three types of bureaucracy.

As seen in Figure 2. U.S. will be competitive on health care access:
—  The ability of all Americans to go to the doctor will result in healthier workers.

Figure 3. U.S. will eliminate unnecessary bankruptcies:
—  The increased peace of mind among Americans will result in more productive workers due to less stress.

of Care

Figure 1.
Relative Cost of Health Care.
    (click for larger image)


(per 1,000 capita)

Figure 2.
Physician Visits
    (click for larger image)


Figure 3.
Unnecessary Bankruptcies
    (click for larger image)


Better Health via Improved Medicare for All

It is clear from our relative performance to other countries
that a health-care-for-all system will result in better health outcomes.
People will be getting care instead of getting sick.


(avoidable, preventable deaths
prior to age 75)
Figure 4.
Amenable Mortality: avoidable deaths due to preventable diseases.
    (click for larger image)


(mothers’ deaths)

Figure 5.
Maternal Mortality
    (click for larger image)


Figure 6.
Life Expectancy Thumbnail Image
    (click for larger image)


Invitation: Be Informed and Sign Up.

Additional Information: some examples of the links that are available at Education

  • Best. Best, most efficient, cost-effective health-care-for-all system.
  • Bonus: fewer hardships, such as no more bankruptcies due to medical bills.
  • Bureaucracy of Three Types: Cost cutting will occur within three types of bureaucracy.
    • By improving administrative efficiency the United States will CUT costs by over $400 billion EVERY year and money we spend on health care will be spent more efficiently. Otherwise, we will continue to spend an incredibly high 30% (conservatively) of our health care dollars on excessive administrative activities. We can use a portion of those dollars to easily cover everyone.
  • Job results long-term: U.S. labor costs more competitive due to lower health care costs; that means more jobs in all sectors, including health care.
    For more about jobs see: Global Competition and Medical Tourism.
  • Peace of Mind: learn more about this important characteristic of a health-care-for-all system.
  • Training and Job Placement Support. Excellent support is planned for those who lose their jobs during the initial time of the implementation of Medicare for All. See that section [Section 303 (e)] of H.R. 676.

Help Get: More jobs. Better health.


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to help get
Improved Medicare for All. 

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Universal Health Care, Improved Medicare for All as per U.S. House Resolution 676
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