Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Medicare Popularity

The dual situations of Medicare popularity and the control of opinions by those who have not experienced Medicare are summarized by Mark Blumenthal of the National Journal:

“… Americans experienced with “government-run” health insurance (Medicare) like what they have and don’t want to change it, and younger Americans enthusiastic for change don’t know what they’re missing.”

Article of 6/29/2009: “Who’s Afraid Of Public Insurance?
Health Care Consumers Give Medicare Higher Marks Than Private Plans”

Polls referenced by Mr. Blumenthal in support of single-payer,Medicare for All, include these support levels:
67%, (80% from a poll of 65 and older) (Kaiser Family Foundation polls)
72% (CBS News / New York Times)

Highest marks (rating 9-10) from what Blumenthal describes as a “massive collection of data”:
56% for Medicare (152,600 responses)
40% for private plans (190,722 responses)

See Mr. Blumenthal’s complete article


Additional Information: source for the “massive collection of data”:

” … data from a set of surveys known as the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems. CAHPS is an initiative of the Department of Health and Human Services that developed a standardized survey questionnaire used by virtually all health insurance plans – public and private – to assess patient satisfaction. Most private insurers use the CAHPS questionnaire and disclose the data to the National Committee for Quality Assurance in order to receive their accreditation. So thanks to CAHPS, we have a massive collection of data comparisons of how patients experience and rate Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance.”

We Want IMPROVED Medicare for All.
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