Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Medical Decision-Making
with Medicare for All

Medical decisions will be made by the patient and their doctor(s).

Additional Explanation

  • In place and will improve. We already have tens of millions of persons on Medicare. Their doctors and they make the decisions.
    • The decisions are sometimes impacted by what some would call the “denial of care” lists established by a health insurance company(s) and/or by Medicare. We will eliminate the “denial of care” lists by 1300 health insurance companies and reduce the “denial of care” aspects of Medicare. All medically-necessary care will be provided.
    • The switch to cover everyone via Medicare for All will reduce administrative costs by over $400 billion every year. It will cost around $150 billion to cover those currently uninsured. That leaves some good flexibility to manage the situation well. In fact, the simplicity of the payment system and the large savings will allow us, as a society, to focus on our society’s medical decision-making for specific topics.
  • Evidence-based. Medical decision-making has always been based on experience, no matter what it is called. Evidence-based medicine is one term that is used. The medical profession has done that in the past; it is done now; and it will be done in the future.
  • More time. Medical professionals will no longer be burdened by the complex way of paying for health care. They will have more time for patients and the decision-making related to patients.
  • More focus. Whatever specific situations occur regarding medical topics in our country, they will need to be managed. Decisions will need to be made, just like they’ve had to be made in the past. But the process of decision-making and recommendations and follow-up actions will certainly be made much more efficiently and solidly in this country with the payment of health care simplified and the cost of health care drastically reduced. Both the patient and their doctor(s) … and our society as a whole … will be able to have more time to focus on health care and less on the mechanics of how to pay for health care. We will no longer have a complex maze of hundreds of government programs and health insurance companies.

Decisions by Doctors and Their Patients

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