Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Mad As Hell Partners:
Mad As Hell Doctors and Medicare for All

— Mad As Hell Doctors: conduct a caravan (Care-A-Van) during September 2009 from Oregon to Washington, D.C.
— Medicare for All: continue to help Americans learn about single-payer and communicate to their representatives
— Both activities: promote each others’ activities and help get from 1,000 to 10,000 participants at Medicare for All, resulting from increased awareness by Americans

Joint Goal by October 1

— Get publicity for single-payer
— Get more Americans educated
— Jump from 1,000 participants having signed up to over 10,000 by October 1, so that we can then proceed to 100,000, and then to one million.

Please Know What Mad As Hell Doctors Stands For If you support them and their activity, then you support this:

  • Single-Payer. That’s it. It is the only path to “a socially, ethically and fiscally responsible” health care system.
  • No other legislation, even if it has a strong so-called “public option”, is acceptable.
  • This is not a time to compromise. It is time to take a stand. This is our moment.

Please Know What You Can Do To “Help Get Care: Be One in a Million”

Mad As Hell Doctors and Medicare for All have partnered on communicating a five-step activity to inform people how they can help get single-payer. We call it “Help Get Care: Be One in a Million”. A handout will be available at the information table at the Mad As Hell Doctors events.

The first step is to sign up, then you will be linked to the remaining steps.

Especially if you cannot get to a Mad As Hell Doctor event between now and October 1, please sign up.

Summary for Mad As Hell Doctors and Medicare for All

  • If possible, join the caravan, spelled “Care-A-Van”.
  • If possible, attend an event.
  • No matter what, please sign up to help get single-payer to help reach the next level of 10,000 participants at Medicare for All.

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