Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Invitation: Sign Up to help get a health-care-for-all system with a low-risk pool.

Low-Risk Pool plus Excellent Economic BONUS

A result of our advantages: our large population,
plus the needed addition of
our one Medicare for All agency and its one plan

You as an individual will always have some degree of risk of either having a major medical condition or an accident, no matter how well you take care of yourself and no matter how safety-conscious you are. You can help lower your risk of having any major medical bill from that medical condition or accident to an absolute minimum by helping to get an improved Medicare for All.

You will help not only the medical risk and financial risk of you and your family, but also the financial security of the United States, as explained below.

Large Population = Low-Risk Pool

  • When the greatest number of participants (our population of over 300 million people) in ONE health insurance plan is achieved, then the lowest risk of having major medical bills or financial hardships is achieved.
  • RESULT: NO MAJOR MEDICAL BILLS … as already demonstrated for decades by the other, smaller free-market countries. You can read the testimonials by Americans living and working in the other countries.

One Agency and One Plan = Excellent Economic BONUS

  • When only one public (insurance) agency (Medicare for All, single-payer) handles the flow of funds to pay for health care according to one plan … not many government and many private organizations … then the greatest economic benefit is achieved.
  • Why? Due to …
    • the low cost of operations from efficiency. The U.S. will have one public (insurance) agency, with its budget isolated from the day-to-day meddling of either the government or private organizations.
    • the ability to establish negotiated prices with global corporations, such as for drugs and equipment. The U.S. will have the largest clout in negotiating prices due to its size compared to other countries.
  • RESULT: FINANCIAL SECURITY VIA A (potentially massive) RECOVERY AND EXPANSION OF BUSINESSES AND JOBS … as a result of having lower operating costs for both government and business, making the U.S. more globally competitive.

Additional Information

  • United States
    • All sectors for recovery and expansion. Recovered jobs will be in all of our economic sectors, including manufacturing and health care jobs. The former has been hit hard for decades due to our lack of competition. The latter is currently being hit hard by one of the world’s newest industries: medical tourism. The U.S. will be more competitive in medical tourism; we will get more patients from other countries instead of our patients flooding to their countries.
    • Elimination of small “risk pools”. Every year thousands of small to medium size U.S. businesses and their employees feel the negative impacts of having a small group in an insurance plan. That is called having too small of a “risk pool. Those small businesses and medium-size businesses will have lower costs, higher profits and happier employees as a result of Medicare for All.
    • H.R. 676. U.S. House Resolution H.R. 676 will establish one U.S. public (insurance) agency and non-profit health insurance plan: single-payer, Medicare for All.
    • As exclaimed many times by many American leaders on all sides of the health care reform issue, the U.S. is the only (free-market) country where a person can go bankrupt due to major medical bills.
    • Well over one-third of Americans have either no health insurance or inadequate health insurance and cannot afford to pay major medical bills. The result is unnecessary hardships for Americans.
  • The World
    • Populations (by Percent per Country):
      United States 4.5%: largest population among the high-income free-market countries
      Japan, Germany and France: 2.9%, 1.2%, 1% respectively; other 23 countries under 1%
      Population: U.S. over 308 million; others under 150 million, as of 12/12/2009.
    • More about one plan. Some of the other countries have multiple health insurance plans, such as in Canada, Germany and France. The one U.S. health insurance plan will be even better due to being most efficient.
    • More about one agency. Some of the other countries have multiple health insurance agencies, such as in Germany and France. The one U.S. health insurance agency will be better due to being most efficient.

We can and will get Medicare for All.
Sign Up to help.

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Universal Health Care, Improved Medicare for All as per U.S. House Resolution 676
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