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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.
Million Letters for Health Care Campaign

Letters and Extras

What Participants Are Sent Each Month. When you receive your monthly reminder from the campaign you will receive the current instructions for what the Million Letters for Health Care campaign team recommends for communications to elected officials. You will also receive the fresh suggestions for personalizing the letter. If there are any updates to any of the information or the letter, you will have it.

Letters – The already-prepared letter has your own U.S. Representative’s name and address included on it.

When you sign up to get monthly reminders, there is a confirmation step. After you do that confirmation step, you will receive an e-mail that has a copy of the most recent monthly reminder, which includes the following information:

  • link to the steps for how to print the already-prepared letter
  • set of fresh suggestions for you to personalize your letter so that it does not stay as a “form letter”

Extras - The last step provides links additional actions that take a minimum amount of your time

  • print and send a copy to President Obama (This is TOP priority for you to consider for an additional action.)
    • If only 10% of the million of us print and send (or photocopy) the same letter with “cc: President Obama” then the White House will receive 100,000 envelopes every month
  • make toll-free telephone calls that take very little time
    • Check out the instructions here! Fast and efficient for you and the person with whom you will speak.
  • send a free fax to the White House Office of Health Reform
    • Step-by-step instructions are provided for a free fax: free for you and free for the single-payer movement.

Additional Information

The additional actions (the “extras”) that you can take are about as simple as we could possibly make them and have been tested to help make them simple and workable. If you have any suggestions to make them better, please tell us. If you think that they work great, please contact the campaign to let us know, so that we know we are doing the best for you. - Thanks from all the people around the U.S. helping with this campaign.

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