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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Universal Health Care, Medicare for All

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The proposed universal health care, Improved Medicare for All,
which will establish a Medicare for All Program,
is also called single-payer health care.
















  • Abortions: how universal health care reduces the number of abortions
  • Affordable Care Act ... off-topic: not health care for all; does not reduce total cost in USA; kept major health care bills
  • Alternatives to Improved Medicare for All, single-payer ... See: Alternatives  . 
  • Amenable Mortality: U.S. & six other countries
    • Unnecessary deaths (amenable mortality):
      deaths due to preventable causes under age 75
    • Dead Last for the USA
    • Bad to Worst for the USA, while Canada improves
  • Announcements ... campaign announcements and information
  • Answers to your questions and concerns.
    A slow computer will take a while to load this large Answers web page.
    • Answers Table of Contents
  • Audios and reviews of audios 



  • Bankruptcies caused by illness or medical debts: U.S. & six other countries
  • Benefits: NOT only the "list of benefits", but ALL the excellent benefits of all kinds, compared side-by-side with our current system
  • Best: A side-by-side explanation of why the U.S. universal health care will be the best.
  • Bills? NO! No major bills, including the reasons why and the testimonials of Americans in other countries about not receiving any major health care bills
  • Bob's Story: experiences, opinions, conclusions of Bob, the national contact for this website 
  • Brick Walls in our thinking that we "tear down" (that is, address) so they don't stop us or even slow our momentum
  • Bureaucracy: the three types of bureaucracy in U.S. health care that are full of unnecessary administrative functions and activities 
  • Bumper stickers and other promotional products:



  • Calculator of health care costs: See Cost, below
  • Calls — This is a sneak preview of a Campaign Phase 2 Activity:
                 a massive flow of incoming calls to the 535 offices of the U.S. Congress.
  • Campaign ... Medicare for All Campaign    
    • Campaign Goal 
    • Campaign Action Plan    
    • Campaign Status at the Monitor  
  • Canada ... See Countries, below
  • Cartoons
  • Citizens United ... See: Campaign Finance Reform
  • Comparisons
    • Comparison of health care costs:
      Spending in U.S. = only free-market country out-of-control.
      See the spending among 30 free-market countries.
    • Data comparisons among the U.S. & six other countries on one page instead of the invidual pages that are noted among this index
    • Proposals for legislation
    • Side-by-side comparisons of alternatives to Improved Medicare for All, single-payer
  • Complexity or Simplicity: or go directly to the flow chart of either  Complexity or Simplicity  
  • Control: control of our opinion by ourselves or by the opposition 
  • Co-Pays: not necessary; not advised
  • Cost:
    • A graph of the relative Cost per Person: U.S. & six other countries
    • Costs and Savings for the staus of the
      — expected costs in terms of how health care will be funded
      — the savings' financial impact and side benefits
    • For an estimated dollar amount for the cost of an individual or family:
      See that answer at the Answers web page
    • Side-by-side comparison calculator:  compare your projected current system costs to your future single-payer health care costs by using the health care calculator



  • Daily Updates and Blogs: Sign up for the Quote-of-the-Day by Don McCanne
  • Data Links: direct links to specific data, charts, graphs
                        See: Countries: Specific Countries: United States' Data  at C  . 
  • Defensive Medicine 
  • Doctors: testimonials by physicians and information about physicians.
                        Also see: Physicians at P  .
  • Donations are needed for the campaign





  • Failures of the U.S. Congress to implement universal health care
                        in 1935, 1948, 1991, 1994, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2010
  • Fear: answers to the fears instilled by the media
  • Fraud: before and after implementation of single-payer
  • Freedoms: new freedoms; same web page as Peace of Mind
  • Free-market countries: the 30 associated with this Medicare for All website,
              including the two poor countries implementing universal health care as of 2011-2012




  • Get more. Pay Less. Cover everyone.
    • U.S. compared to six top-performing countries
      • Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, and Spain
    • Comparisons on one page or the individual pages that are noted among this index
  • Global Competition: our costs; our health; our jobs.
  • Goal: See Campaign Goal at C   .




  • Help Get Care ... See Campaign plan at C  .
  • Help with PayPal ... related to making donations with PayPal:
    how to contact PayPal support; how to update credit or debit card
  • Hope: our reality-based hope, including the strong opinion of a Republican Attorney General
  • Hospital beds per person related to the U.S. implementation of single-payer; U.S. & six other countries
  • HR676 ...See Legislation at L  .
  • Human right
    • About health care being a human right.
    • Essay: If just one American hurts, and tens of millions of Americans are hurting.
    • Health care for all fellow human beings is the RIGHT thing to do, no matter your moral and/or spiritual beliefs, and single payer health care is the most fiscally conservative way to achieve it, no matter your political affiliation. — from Medicare for All Messaging.
    • United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.



  • Implementation: data documenting the feasibility of single-payer regarding physicians, nurses and beds: U.S. & six others
  • Industrialized countries:  See Free-market countries at F  .
  • Information Cards: the size of a business card
  • Individuals: selected individuals regarding health care








  • Legislation related to establishing U.S. health care for all
    • HR676 with Q&A and notes of explanation
    • S1804 with notes about its impact
  • Letters to members of the U.S. Congress
    • Practical, powerful communications activities are used during the campaign: personalized letters are prepared and sent / delivered, not form letters.
    • Sending via paper
           Confirmation: practical and powerful.
           See link to U.S. Congressional staff report.
    • Sending by U.S. Mail
           How long it takes: rumor and fact
  • Life Expectancy: U.S. & six other countries


  • List of industrialized countries:  See Free-market countries at F  . 





  • Numbers
    • Numbers needed
    • Numbers achieved
    • Results achieved
  • Nurses per person related to the U.S. implementation of single-payer; U.S. & six other countries




  • Obamacare ... See Alternatives at Other Topics  .
  • Other countries ... See: Countries at C  .








  • Rationing: now and with single-payer 
  • Real Life Stories:
  • The Reality in other free-market countries
  • Real life Stories of Americans, including the Hardships
  • Real People we knew and loved; tens of thousands of preventable, unnecessary deaths
  • Redistricting - every 10 years; changes in U.S. Congressional Districts prior to the November 2012 election: increases and decreases in U.S. Representatives per state
  • Referrals ... See: Personal Contacts
  • Regulations on health insurance company premiums: Do you want to pay $50,000 per year minimum for health care? That's already the case in one state that added regulations on health insurance companies in the past, whereas the Affordable Care Act is also adding regulations, but for the entire United States.
  • Re-training and job placement support
  • Risk: Lowest risk plus excellent economic BONUS





  • Submit support:   where a U.S. Representative or U.S. Senator can submit the documented and publicly communicated support
  • Systems of other countries, including special notes about specific countries: See Countries




  • Take Care of Yourself ... See: Health at H  .
  • Targets: the persons who will get an extra big flooding of our communications
                   if and when we need to add those targets to our communications events 
  • Tax increases, the 601 reasons: See Affordable Care Act
  • Telephone calls: See Calls at C  .
  • Telephone Numbers: what phone numbers to use and what numbers NOT to use for the U.S. Congress and U.S. President plus a note about a possible campaign communication event activity, if that is necessary
  • Testimonials
  • Terms and Facts --------- will likely delete this to simplify the web site's pages; if Glossary is needed, might add a glossary of terms
  • Thanks: a thank you for all contributions and one for contributions of money
  • Tort Reform: the automatic solution




  • Underinsured: More than a third of American adults: uninsured or underinsured
  • United Nations Declaration and Resolution
  • United States' ... Countries: Specific Countries: United States' Data  at C  .












Alternatives and other topics that are
NOT universal health care (health care for all),
NOT Medicare for All.

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)
    • Automatic Enrollment:  In the Affordable Care Act there are two situations for which an American will be forced into paying for a specific health insurance plan, not of their choice, or will be forced into Medicaid, without them having made that decision themselves.
    • Why will the ACA cause costs to stay out-of-control and taxes to increase? Answer: Yes, the law was not designed with a significant focus on cost control.
    • This law is being implemented between 2010 and 2014 with some features implemented during the years of 2015 through 2018.
  • Alternatives and brief summary evaluations
    • The evaluation of alternatives includes at least the following, since more may be added beyond these:
                5 campaigns, 10 proposals, organizations
                and political parties, and 9 individuals
    • Answers to question 1: Does the alternative minimize health insurance company bureaucracy ("non-profit")?
    • Answers to question 2: Does the alternative minimize government bureaucracy ("non-govt")?
    • Alternatives that are evaluated: Campaigns & Coalitions; Proposals;
              Organizations, including Political Parties; Individuals
  • Congress' Health Care:  what members and their families get
  • Other Alternatives and their brief summary evaluations
    • Answers to question 1: Does the alternative minimize health insurance company bureaucracy ("non-profit")?
    • Answers to question 2: Does the alternative minimize government bureaucracy ("non-govt")?
    • Alternatives that are evaluated: Campaigns & Coalitions; Proposals;
              Organizations, including Political Parties; Individuals
  • Health: Body weight:  the best body weight, based on height and frame size
    ... a chart that fits with the #1 recommendation communicated at "Take Care of Yourself", below
  • Health: Mental Health : an example of medically-necessary service that will be provided 
  • Health: Take Care of Yourself: good health for all = the ultimate goal

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Improvements and Developments to the Information Section of this Website

If you have specific ideas / needs for this index, please submit them: Contact Bob.

Please have patience about this Index and the entire Information section of the website. The Index is relatively old now, and it will be corrected and refined over time. The information is extensive, as you can see, and the campaign details have changed over time. It will take time to get individual web pages updated.

Explanation of specific terms that are used in the Index

"single-payer". The use of "single-payer" in this index is short for the United States implementation of pure single-payer health care, which means 1 fund, 1 plan, and 1 payer. That is, national single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All, which is the U.S. implementation of universal health care. Health care for all. Everybody in. Nobody out.

"six other countries". The references to "six other countries" in this index means the six countries that have been top performers in the world in amenable mortality: minimizing deaths under age 75 due preventable causes. The United States has been at the bottom of lists of over a dozen free-market countries regarding amenable mortality. A primary reason for the poor performance is that Americans generally have a low number of physician visits per person (poor access due to the high cost) compared to other countries. The six top high-performing countries are Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Italy, and Spain.

"current system". When you see "current system" in the index, you can know that it's the health care NOT for all system that we have in the United States today. The benefits of universal health care, Medicare for All, shine astonishingly better compared to the current system.

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