Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Improved Efficiency
via Improved Medicare for All

Implement the best health-care-for-all system by doing this:
1) implement a simple, efficient way to pay for health care that
cuts costs by about 30% via improved administrative efficiency
2) use that savings of over $400 billion per year to
provide health care access to all Americans
and have money left over.

An improved administrative efficiency will be realized with single-payer health care via improved Medicare for All, which has only one health insurance plan. More of the money intended for health care will be spent on health care.


Let’s make the right choice:


A. Spend our money wisely within an improved, simple, efficient system:
$4,000 billion re-directed to health care over 10 years ($4 trillion!)
via Improved Medicare for All
... and have health care for all
... to maintain and improve our excellent health care capabilities
... while covering all Americans, not just some Americans
... and perhaps even have money left over as savings.

… or ...

B. Spend even more of our money on the current complex system:
$300 billion more over 10 years.
via March 2010 Law: the Affordable Care Act of 2010
... and maintain health are not for all.


Choose to Spend Less
with Improved Medicare for All

Summary about spending less:

Unnecessary administrative costs are about 1/3 (an estimated 31%;
    conservatively: 25-30%) of total health care spending!
Administrative cost-cutting = over $400 billion per year
    (update from original estimate of $350 billion)
Cost to cover uninsured = est. $150 billion
     See the details below … at “Sources regarding spending less”


We need to implement the significantly improved administrative efficiency of improved Medicare for All.


Sources regarding spending less

  • An in-depth analysis (pdf) of all administrative costs associated with health care was done by Woolhandler, Campbell, and Himmelstein . The analysis compared Canada and the United States. — New England Journal of Medicine 8-21-2003 August 21, 2003.
    • The study is based on a consideration of all health system administration, not just the overhead of the hundreds of private insurers. For example, physicians and hospitals must have large billing staffs to deal with the private health insurance companies.
    • The Calculation The result of this thorough study is that about 31%, roughly a third, of U.S. health care spending goes for administration. The total health care spending is about $2.5 trillion and growing. Therefore, moving to the improved efficiency of single-payer health care that saves at least half of the roughly $800 billion of administrative costs will provide cost-cutting of at least $400 billion.
  • Cost to Cover Uninsured A rough figure for covering the uninsured is $150 billion per year. That is based on the projected costs under single-payer health care of about $3,000 per year multiplied by 50 million of uninsured.


Choose to Spend More
by continuing the implementation
of the Affordable Care Act

Summary of the data: $300 billion more over 10 years

Go to this separate web page for the details:
     Financial Impact of the Affordable Care Act of 2010

There we provide you with the information about higher costs from three sources:
— A government report.
— Common sense
— Our investigative report of the Affordable Care Act of 2010.
The report documents the reasons that we will have higher costs, higher taxes and government intrusions.



Additional Information:

The Affordable Care act is projected to result in tens of millions of Americans uninsured.

We can have the best health-care-for-all system.

The following additional studies do not include all costs, compared to the in-depth analysis above:
—One economist estimates in his report (pdf) a roughly 10% difference between single-payer and the current methods of financing.
Another economist (pdf) estimates about 14%1.

Let’s cut the unnecessary administrative activities
within the 3 types of bureaucracy.
We want efficiency!

  1. This link includes a humorous quote by Stephen Colbert about former President Bush’s proposed tax cuts to make health insurance more affordable for the uninsured. back


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