Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Help Using Internet Browsers and Accessing PDF files

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari are examples of internet website browsers.
  • This web page provides either REMINDERS or EDUCATION about internet browsers, depending on how much you’ve used them in the past.*

THE BACK BUTTON: The Left Arrow is Your Friend

  • At the far upper-left corner of your internet browser program is a left arrow and a right arrow.
    • Please be familiar with these arrows, especially the left arrow, which is called the “back button”, because it allows you to go back to those web pages that you just visited.


  • If a link includes [pdf] or [PDF], then a pdf reader is required, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    • Other pdf readers include: Preview (Apple), Ghostscript (including gsview frontend for Windows), Evince (Gnome/Linux), GPdf (predecessor of Evince), xpdf (Linux)
    • There are also different versions of Adobe Reader for different “platforms,” such as Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows or Linsu/UNIX.
    • Here’s a more complete list

HYPER-LINKS TO OTHER WEB PAGES: Bolded Blue and Faded Blue

  • Bolded Blue links = those links you have not yet selected (not yet clicked).
  • Faded Blue links = you clicked on them at least one time at the computer you are currently using.

Additional Information

ADDITIONAL WAYS TO CONTROL of TEXT SIZE (beyond the two A’s at the upper right of the screen – whether due to a need for visual impairment or personal preferences

  • Mozilla Firefox
    • Press Ctrl and the minus (or plus) sign at the same time to decrease (or increase) text size
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Select View, then Text Size, to select one of the five options for controlling text size from smallest to largest


  • Mozilla Firefox – use F11 to turn full screen mode on and off
  • Internet Explorer – use F11 to turn full screen mode on and off
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