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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Health Insurance Companies

Are They the Problem?
Are their CEO salaries the problem?


  • One of three bureaucracies. Health insurance companies’ operations (and their practices) make up one of the three major types of bureaucracies related to health care in the United States.
  • Focus on explaining, not complaining. Explaining improved Medicare for All and its positive benefits is the primary focus at this Medicare for All website. We try to provide little or no complaining about health insurance companies, such as their CEO salaries or their “evil deeds” or those companies being “parasitic middlemen”.


  • Concern about jobs. Many Americans are extremely concerned about the thousands of administrative and support employees of health insurance and other companies. The concern is the impact of Medicare for All on people’s jobs. A significant problem with labeling health insurance companies and/or their leaders as “evil” is the dramatic negative reaction from some people.
  • The main problem: inefficiency. A primary problem with U.S. health care costs is the inefficiency caused by having unnecessary administrative functions, activities and costs among the three types of bureaucracies.
  • Impact of Salaries. The salaries and the other compensation given to the CEOs of health insurance companies is relative small compared to the total cost-cutting associated with the implementation of Improved Medicare for All and the resulting elimination of unnecessary bureaucracy: over $400 billion per year in lower costs.
  • Attitude of Americans about Salaries. The U.S. society as a whole seems to tolerate, perhaps even accept, the huge salaries of many persons, whether it be in sports or manufacturing or services or other areas. That is an issue that is outside of our scope within this website and its campaign.

Additional Information

See the answer to the question about the support that will be provided to employees who will need to find new jobs.

Read about all three types of our health care bureaucracy which have very much in the way of unnecessary administrative functions and activities.


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