Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.
Texas for Medicare for All
Texas Medicare for All Organization

Health Care for All Texas

Texas for Medicare for All

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Are you or someone you know uninsured?

What Single Payer Advocates Stand For

What Are the Problems?

The U.S. spends twice as much on health care per person compared to all other developed countries. Yet, our life expectancy is lower, our infant mortality higher, and our overall health poorer. Health care in the U.S. is rationed by the ability to pay for it. More than 45,000 Americans die each year because they lack health insurance. Illness and unpaid medical bills account for over 62% of all bankruptcies. Shockingly, about 78% of those medical bankrupcties were for people who had health insurance at the time they got sick. Insurance companies act as costly middlemen and unlicensed providers, adding little value to the system but profiting from it immensely.

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Universal Health Care, Improved Medicare for All as per U.S. House Resolution 676
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