Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Invitation: Be Informed and Sign Up.

Health Care Patriots

The people's coalition for health care!

Our coalition helps get U.S. universal health care as soon as possible,
helping the physical and financial well-being of Americans and America.

Become a Health Care Patriot and be part of the action of
helping get single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All.

About the U.S. Health Care Patriots Coalition

Key words: unity, unified actions, power of the people

The Health Care Patriots Coalition consists of individual Americans who act in unity regarding the mission of achieving Improved Medicare for All.

Health Care Patriots take unified actions, using this Medicare for All website and the 10 Million Americans for Health Care campaign.
The result is an efficient and effective establishment of the power of the people regarding accomplishing the mission.


How to Become and Be a Health Care Patriot

— Become informed at the Know page.

Sign up to stand up for single-payer to become a Health Care Patriot.

— Inform others at the Know page and invite them to be a Health Care Patriot at the Sign up page.

— Participate in the Million Letters for Health Care Campaign and actively use this website, such as using the Index and Answers when you need information.


Success Based on Individual Contributions

The success of the Million Letters for Health Care Campaign will be based largely on each of us doing as much as we can to make the following contributions:

— Maintaining enthusiasm and a positive attitude.
— Doing the actions of each phase of the campaign's plan.
— Making donations if you can afford to do so, one-time or once-per-month.
— Purchasing information cards.
— Purchasing promotional products, such as bumper stickers.

Enthusiasm and a positive attitude can be maintained by keeping these words in mind:
We can and will get national single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All.



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The website and the campaign are supported by:
     — Bob
     — and the many Americans who have helped to date.
     — and the additional Americans who will need to help.
         Contact Bob to volunteer.



    Know what every American
should know, 

and then   

    Sign Up to be notified
when the campaign starts
to get strong support
from the U.S. Congress
for universal health care,
     Medicare for All.   

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Universal Health Care, Improved Medicare for All as per U.S. House Resolution 676
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