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Health Care for America Now (HCAN) Exposed

There is a very well-financed campaign called Health Care for America Now (HCAN). People need to remember what it’s mission is.

As you may know, HCAN’s stated list of purposes, which is still the same since its start-up the first week of July 2008, includes “A choice of a private insurance plan, including keeping the insurance you have if you like it, or a public insurance plan …”

HCAN certainly has never hidden its support that the U.S. maintain the for-profit aspect of how the U.S. pays for health care.

HCAN also has not hidden its stated purpose to have OUR tax dollars be paid to help increase the volume of business of private health insurance companies (although, of course, it’s not stated in that manner.) HCAN prefaces its list of purposes with “Our government’s responsibility is to guarantee quality affordable health care for everyone in America …” In other words, increase our taxes by expanding government to help cover everyone while keeping the health insurance companies and their profits. Thus, in practical terms, we would maintain and expand the role of health insurance companies. To fully appreciate this, consider that the health insurance companies condition that they communicated to President Obama and the U.S. Congress: that they would participate in health care reform if every American was forced (mandated) to purchase health insurance.

Affirmation of Purpose. HCAN affirmed its purpose in June 2012 by its very thoroughly documented support of the Affordable Care Act, which keeps the for-profit health insurance companies in business and pays health insurance companies directly and promptly the subsidies for Americans who the government decides cannot afford to pay the entire premium. That documented support is seen within its website, which is deliberately not linked here, and within the following three emails.

The bolding was added; links within emails are deliberately left out.


6/25/2012 email   Bolded, italicized comments have been added.

Subject:  Obamacare and the Mandate Hype

What’s at the heart of health care reform?

At every rally, in each blog post, in every comment we’ve made to the press or email we’ve sent you, HCAN has talked about how Obamacare expands coverage to more than 30 million people and eliminates the worst insurance company abuses.

We don’t talk about the so-called “mandate” because it’s a means to an end – it’s one of the ways everyone gets health care and it’s how we stop the big insurance companies from discriminating against people who are sick.

Comment: The insurance mandate was a requirement of the insurance companies in order for them to accept and support the planned legislation. Yes, it is a means to the following end: the health insurance companies keep and expand their customer base as a result of the federal government forcing the purchase of health insurance. It’s how we get to keep our complex, inefficient costly health care.

But the mandate isn’t what Obamacare is all about, even if that’s what the right-wing says to stir up anger against the Affordable Care Act.

Please take a moment to read our latest blog post in the Huffington Post about what’s at stake with the Supreme Court’s ruling. Help us spread the truth.

Please share it on Facebook and Tweet about it.

HCAN will keep you updated on how the Supreme Court’s ruling will affect everyone’s access to health care.


Will O’Neill
Health Care for America Now


6/26/2012 email   Bolded, italicized comments have been added.

Subject: We won’t go back

Will you pitch in $15 today to help regular people tell their stories and show that we won’t go back?

Tell the GOP - We won’t go back.

No matter what the Supreme Court announces on Thursday regarding Obamacare, the GOP has been clear: They will do everything they can to repeal it.

Supporters outside the Supreme Court in MarchThat’s why we’re staging events in 21+ states to take on the GOP. We want seniors, young people and families to be able to tell their stories about how the Affordable Care Act is changing their lives, how they no longer have to choose between medication and groceries, how they no longer have to worry about their children going without insurance. 

Will you help regular people tell their stories and show that we won’t go back?

HCAN partners across the country are planning events with families and small business owners to talk about how they’re already benefitting from the law. People are coming together to say that we won’t back down and we won’t go back — no matter what the Supreme Court and the GOP say.

Their voices must be heard. Will you help us?

We can’t let the right-wing media blowhards dominate this story. We need real people across the nation to be heard. Some of our 52 scheduled events include:

    In Orlando, partners will demand Governor Rick Scott stop denying people their right to health care;
    Representative Gwen Moore will speak at a rally in Milwaukee on the state courthouse steps;
    Six small business leaders will hold a press conference in Virginia Beach at a state senator’s office; and
    In 17 (yes, 17) cities across Washington, regular citizens will rally to show support for the ACA and for continuing the fight no matter what.

We have to raise only $10,000 more in the next 48 hours so we can show the country that we won’t go back. We won’t let the GOP put the insurance companies back in charge of our health care. We will not let them deny our care.

Will you pitch in $15 today to help regular people in the states tell their stories and show we won’t go back?


Will O’Neill
Health Care for America Now


6/28/2012 email   Bolded, italicized comments have been added.

Subject: Obamacare is here to stay

Obamacare has been upheld.

The Supreme Court says Obamacare is constitutional but the Republicans in Congress still want to repeal it!

Tell the Republicans in Congress to stop playing politics with our health care.

OBAMACARE UPHELD  Today, the Supreme Court ruled that the debate over the Affordable Care Act is done. Obamacare is here to stay. The days of health insurance company price-gouging and denials of care are over.

Comment: The days of the health insurance companies keeping and expanding their customer base as part of our uniquely American health care NOT for all system are here to stay until we establish national single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All. The end of health insurance company price-gouging? Wrong, this is the continuation of it, because Obamacare does not establish strict, specific price controls on health insurance companies.

This ruling clears the way for moving full steam ahead on implementing Obamacare. Thanks to this law, working and middle-class families will have financial and health security. More than 30 million Americans will gain insurance coverage for the first time, joining more than 100 million who are already benefiting from the law’s consumer protections and benefits.

Comment: Financial health and security will only be achieved with non-profit universal health care.

The Republicans have already pledged to continue their relentless campaign to undermine the health care security of America’s families. They want to end Medicare as we know it, dismantle Medicaid and repeal Obamacare, including the ban on discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions

Please join us in telling Congress: “The debate is over. Stop playing politics and follow the law.”

Thank you,

Will O’Neill
Health Care for America Now






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