Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Improved Medicare for All.



Time Period of Excellent Opportunity

2013 through 2015

... the reasons why, including reality-based hope


Some knowledge already present in some Americans' minds. Although the education has been gradual, some Amerians have been learning about universal health care and associated topics from a wide variety of sources: high school and college courses, articles and comments in blogs and newspapers, and a variety of events sponsored by individuals and organizations who want national single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All.
Some of that knowledge has been achieved with very dedicated single-payer activists across the country in the range of at least 20-30 states. If you know or meet one of them, communicate your thanks for their efforts. In turn, those dedicated Americans have been supported and encouraged by single-payer state and national organizations. If you already know of one of these groups or if you learn of them, please thank them and their endorsers. [In order to focus on supporting the new citizens' coalition and the associated campaign, we no longer maintain the long list of national, state and local organizations.]
Other knowledge is only that our health outcomes stink compared to other free-market countries, such as the excited college student who told me in December 2012 that he had just recently learned in his college geography course that Americans are significantly behind other countries in the topic of having healthy citizens.
Solid plan to have the implementation of universal health care started in 2016. With that starting point of knowledge it's now time to establish our unity of action via our planned massive citizens' coalition and common campaign mission, vision, strategy, plan and goals to get universal health care. [Links to all of these C-words can be found by selecting C at the Index.]
Supportive President. Barack Obama publicly and strongly proclaimed his support for single-payer health care in 2003. In 2007 he promised that our representatives in the U.S. Congress will listen to us if citizens send thousands of letters. Specifically, he indicated a thousand to two thousand letters in the U.S. Mail to the 435 members of the U.S. House, which totals roughly a million letters. That input was communicated by him during a campaign event in Portsmouth NY when he was being told by members of the audience that we need to implement single-payer health care. Doing that action at one specific time (which is what we'll do it three times!) would literally flood the U.S. Capitol Mail Room and the offices of Congress.
Stronger than the opposition. Our three massive communications events will not only flood Washington, D.C. offices of the U.S. Congress with letters in the U.S. Mail, as Obama recommended, but also with efficient (short) and effective phone calls spread out in an organized manner over a period of at least 4 weeks. These demonstrations of power will overwhelm two aspects of the opposition:
— getting the U.S. Congress' strong support in order to end its members" failures to legislate and implement universal health care: 8 failures in 75 years.
— stopping the opposition's media ability to influence our opinions.
Strength from years of preparations. Various technical and functional projects were accomplished with thousands of details. One of those efforts was the process of reviewers doing their reviews and initiating refinementes of the contents of pdf files, which in turn refined important web pages and helped guide the messaging that we use, some of which had already been established within the single-payer movement.
Strength of website and support functions. Many Americans contributed during the six years of development of our excellent website and its supportive functions and particated in the process of reviewing and refining the web site and associated content.
Our databases are particularly important. A highight is our Single-Payer Support Monitor, which is excellent for tracking and reporting the growing support in the U.S. Congress.
We're ready from a functionally, but we do need more donations to be able to continue regarding technical support. There will be on-going costs per year to ensure the website's availability and response time.
Strength of our operational procedures. About two thousand signed-up Americans already spent several years being signed up to practice our procedures for preparing and sending letters in the U.S. Mail. We established concise instructions for efficient, effective phone calls.
As then Senator Obama implied by his promise in 2007, the use of letters in the U.S. Mail is a powerful action to take. His words also implied that the letters would be personal letters. Personalized letters to the U.S. Congress are both practical and powerful, as we confirmed during the preparations for this campaign.
Reality-based hope. President Barack Obama will be out of office after 2016, but it's possible with our massive united effort that he will be signing universal health care into law in 2015 after we follow our planned events, scheduled in 2014, which acts on his 2007 suggestion not once, but three times, in an organized, coordinated, united manner.
For more about reality-based hope ... go here, which includes a very strong statement by the Louisiana Republican Attorney General in a one-minute video, which I highly recommend. We provide you with both the video and the transcript .
But you ... that is, each individual American ... need to please take action to help the campaign's needs, including considering donating.
We will assess the campaign's status continually, but especially after Easter (3/31/13) and after Independence Day (7/4/13). The numbers of Health Care Patriots and the amount of donation money will help gauge whether or not we're off to a strong start in getting universal health care law in 2015.

Let's get this done. I want all of us to experience the peace of mind that I felt in Canada. The associated freedoms that I saw in action (regarding making life choices) for 4.5 years was incredible. Let's have it in the United States, where we'll have an even better way to pay for health care.

Please help make it happen by helping with the campaign needs.

Bob the Health and Health Care Advocate
on behalf of the couple of thousand Americans who
have been on the ground floor of being contributors
to the campaign during 2007 through 2012.

... plus Americans who add themselves to the contributors of time and effort and money. Due to our lack of resources to carefully keep track of the contributors most names will never be posted. We just want our health care card, which will be our reward and our glory!

It is Time for Action by Americans.



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