Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Global Competition


The issue of health care in the United States is primarily an economic issue of costs, which then directly impacts our health and our jobs.

When we lower our costs, ...

We will improve health.

— We will increase the visits to the doctor, which reflects more health care, which will mean healthier, longer lives for American employees.

We will improve our economy.

— We will cut the costs of employers, both private and government employers, who can expand more and do more local hiring.

— We will have more money in our pockets, which can provide more money to local businesses.

We have the recent comparative data to other countries (about health and costs) the comparison of global health care spending, regarding costs which, together, clearly documents the relationships.

When we improve our health and our economy:

— We will improve our position
    regarding global health care spending
, which
    you can consider to be an element of global competition.
We will add, recover and save jobs.

We need to implement national single-payer health care, Improved Medicare for All.

We will be the last industrialized, free-market country to implement universal health care, but we will have the best version.


Want to know some scary details?

Read what follows!

Job Losses Due to Outsourcing

Job loss over decades. Your background may have nothing to do with manufacturing or economics or finance. But you may know what has happened economically: either from high school or college … or from television programs and/or headlines of newspapers during the last 30 or so years. The United States has lost an incredible number of good jobs due to GLOBAL COMPETITION.

Expansion of outsourcing in more recent years. In more recent times, such as the last 10 years, this trend of losing jobs is now beyond manufacturing and retail sales and more into purely service/support jobs, such as can be done via information technology (computers). For example, perhaps you already saw that television program some years ago which showed that many of our U.S. tax returns are now being prepared by rooms full of people sitting at computers in another country(s).

Tax Returns. A quick internet search for “outsource tax returns” gave
— over 150,000 search results as of Oct. 2010
— over 220,000 search results as of Dec. 2012.

That's not all.
Besides Certified Public Account (CPA) jobs, we could identify other professions.

Living in a World of Global Competition

It’s about cost. Companies are always on the look-out for how they can run their company while minimizing their expenses. That applies to many companies, but certainly manufacturing and retail sales.

In other words to have our country survive economically we need to be competitive with other countries, such as health care costs.

Our status is that we are NOT competitive today, as very clearly seen in the introduction.

Outsourcing health care.

As you can see by knowing about medical tourism, one of the hottest outsourcing topics now is health care. Probably similar to what occurred for the outsourcing of U.S. tax returns to India, now people are determining where the best places in the world are to get health care. For example, when a person knows that they could get a specific kind of eye surgery or knee surgery or other surgrery done very well in a specific country for a great price, then the person will strongly consider traveling to that country to get the surgery done there.

We need to add, recover and save our jobs.
We can help do that by being more competitive
regarding the topic of health care.


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