Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

Get 3 Others
Get each of them informed …
and then invite them
to be Health Care Patriots

We, the people, can get peace of mind regarding health care bills!
And more choices for health care and life decisions!
Spread the word!

Use our strategy of inform and invite:

Inform 3 other persons.

Guide them through the information accessible at Know.

Help them get good replies to their questions, comments and concerns by using the Index and Answers pages. If and when necessary submit your or their question in order for us to provide you with an answer.

Invite them sign up.

Inform and invite more than three, if desired.

Please be polite and never pushy. If someone is firmly in opposition, do not worry about it.  


Related information

  • Over half of U.S. citizens want single-payer, but the opposition to single-payer is very powerful and can design media campaigns that sound frightening and convincing.
    • Due to this reality about media campaigns, it’s best to contact only the number of persons who you can solidly support. Have a solid group of educated people all signed up, no matter how many are on your list, whether it’s 3 or 30.
  • More than 3? Contact more than 3 if you know that you will have time to remind, encourage, and help them. Otherwise, due to the powerful opposition of the health insurance companies and their supporters, the degree of impact might not be as significant as you would think it would be.
    • If you decide to contact more than three persons, decide whether you want to spread the word by yourself or with a partner.
  • Be polite! If someone expresses strong concerns or opposition, suggest that they go to and carefully review Index and the Answers.

Health Care for All with non-profit financing is critical
for the U.S. economy and its global competitiveness
… and the physical and financial well-being of U.S. citizens.

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