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Medicare for All.
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This web page is advanced preparation for a Good Health for All website,
a future website after we all get our health care cards in hand.
Good Health for All is the ultimate objective of improved Medicare for All

Fracking for Natural Gas or Oil

Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing

Damage to a Most Valuable Resource
for Good Health: Drinkable Water!

Learn about this critical issue, an extreme problem for Americans and America in terms of health. Hydraulic fracturing (hydrofracking) operations continue to poison more and more water supplies of additional Americans beyond the apparent permanent damage that has already been done to many sources of drinking water. This situation is most likely increasing every day, based on the continuous and expanding operations. Hydraulic fracking, including the fracking fluid, is not good for many Americans' health, nor for the health of their children and grandchildren.

The following video, "Fracking Hell: The Untold Story" is the best that we've seen to date within one video that is under 30 minutes in length.
See below for examples of the video's content.

Examples of the video content:
— testimony of experts throughout the video, including:
    — Lou Allstadt, former Senior Vice-President of Mobil Corporation,
    — Tony Ingraffea, Professor of Engineering at Cornell University,
    — James (Chip) Northrup, who spent 30 years working in the oil and gas industry as a Planning Manager
    — an ex-gas industry employee
— impact on drinking water.
— start of demonstration of household tap water being lit to produce large flame. (This particular video does not show the large flames that occurred, such as the flames seen at different videos' demonstrations. See an example below of less than 2 minutes, including mention of the data related to the cause in terms of the measured amount of methane gas.)
— references to the toxic chemicals.
— constant noise of large trucks 24 hours per day.
— killing of everything in a pond.
— red-colored liquid of chemicals oozing out the side of a mountain.
— radioactive chemicals:
    ... Radium 226 levels in the Marcellus Shale formation that are high enough to kill a person.
    ... Uranium and Radon.
— overall life cycle for natural gas extraction being at least as dirty as coal in terms of its environmental impact.
— concern about the activity that is being spread to other countries.
— increased jobs and income being offset negatively by ruined property values and ruined health.
— list of fracking chemicals and their known impact on health.
— liquid waste from fracking and where it is being taken.

Key information not included in the above video:
— Hydrofracking operations have exemptions within the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

If there is another video available that you think is better and is under 30 minutes in length, please contact us.

Household Tap Water "on Fire"
due to Methane Gas from Fracking



The lighting of methane gas at a household sink is one of the more visibly obvious results of fracking operations that can occur.

"The Sky is Pink" Video

The video "THE SKY IS PINK" is a video under 30 minutes in length that was provided in the summer of 2012 by Josh Fox and the GASLAND Team.


Request for Citizen Unity


Background: There are dozens of groups focused on fracking who have much time and effort diluted by maintaining many web pages at many websites.
I occasionally submit a request for unity (that is, post a comment) to establish the highest degree of people/citizen power for this topic. - Bob
Example of what I posted:
Question #1 — Why does our society (yes, that is us Americans, not the politicians) allow undefined chemicals to be included in the concoction that is pumped underground?
Question #2 — Why do we, the people, not have ONE agreed-upon national website to which every American should go to be unified via a consistent and best education and unified in their actions to take?
Many of the state and local websites might still exist for state and local needs, but all of those sites would have a link(s) to the home page of the recognized #1 national site where Americans would be consistently educated with the latest information and the best presentations / videos / information of the topic.
Those who have horizontal hydraulic fracking as their primary topic should please consider my second question so that we can have the highest degree of people / citizen power to address the key questions, such as my first question.
Do not dismiss my second question as unrealistic ... especially if you, the reader, are about to establish yet ANOTHER organization with ANOTHER website and MORE dilution of efforts. Fracking is literally destroying our earth's habitability by destroying our water. We don't yet have an option for living on another planet.

When my second question is answered with ONE agreed-upon website, let me know, because I have a web page that will need to link to that website's address.

- Bob the Health and Health Care Advocate



This web page is advanced preparation for a Good Health for All website,
a future website after we all get our health care cards in hand.
Good Health for All is the ultimate objective of improved Medicare for All


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