Medicare for All

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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
Everybody In. Nobody Out.

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Universal Health Care,
Improved Medicare for All

1. What is universal health care?
2. Job opportunties.
3. Peace of mind.
4. Efficiency: what it looks like.
5. Why is everybody included?
6. Why we'll be the best plus
    side-by-side comparisons
    to other options.
The proposed universal health care,
Improved Medicare for All (such as H.R. 676),
is also called "single-payer health care".

1. What is "universal health care"?

    It is the most efficient way to  have "health care for all".
The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, helps some Americans,
but is complex and inefficient (that is, very costly) and is "health care not for all".

In other words ... it is THE way to have the lowest cost
for the most benefits. Everybody in. Nobody out.

How do we implement excellent efficiency?
— Eliminate the unnecessary administrative activities among the 3 types of bureaucracy.
— Have only one payer (a single-payer public agency) to pay for medical care.
— Have only one health plan for everyone that provides all medically-necessary care for everyone for our entire lives.

It means getting health care with no worries about getting a major bill. In fact, there will be no cost barriers at the time of getting health care. We will simply show our card and get care. The amount of medical cost from medical bills will be minimal, such as for prescription medicines and durable medical equipment for which prices will be negotiated. These are similar features as other health care for all systems, but ours will be the best health care for all system.

2. Job Opportunities.

An improved number of job opportunities for U.S. workers will come from the removal of the terrible cost burden of high health care costs.

1) lower labor costs for businesses and governmental units, helping support existing jobs and add more jobs.
2) more money in the hands of Americans who can buy products from the businesses

The excellent efficiency and associated lower costs for United States' companies and governmental units means more jobs.

Let's KEEP jobs in the USA.

Let's recover lost jobs and add new ones by the establishment of efficiency in how we pay for health care.

3. Peace of Mind

Get more. Pay less. Cover everyone.


    — More benefits.
    — More freedoms for health care and for life choices.
    — Recovery & additions of businesses and jobs.
    — Choice of all physicians, all facilities.
    — Better health via better access.
  • PAY LESS ... via these "savings"
    — No deductibles, copayments, coinsurance.
    — No major medical bills.
    — Lower taxes from fewer government programs.
    — Fewer hardships. No medical bankruptcies
    — Cause: replacement of complexity with simplicity.
    — Everybody in. Nobody out.
    — Cradle to grave. Womb to tomb.



4. Efficiency: What It Looks Like

One Payer. There will be one payer of medical bills, not 1300 health insurance companies and not a long list of government programs plus the associated companies and activities that feed off the other two.

One Plan. There will be one health insurance plan for all: not thousands.

Improved Medicare for All

“Single-payer health care” means having one public (insurance) agency that is reportable to the people. It is publicly accountable. People (who can, such as via a percentage of their income) pay into a single fund, from which the public agency pays medical bills, including all major medical bills.
— There are very little or no additional costs:
       no deductibles; no copayments (co-pays); no coinsurance, such as for hospital stay. (as per the proposed bill: H.R. 676 Section 102c).
— Drug prices and durable medical equipment prices are negotiated to be much lower. (as per the proposed bill: H.R. 676 Section 205a)

Improved Medicare for All will provide the most efficient way to pay for health care and the best set of benefits for individuals, families and businesses.

We will have the best version of how to pay for health care. The result will be what other free-market countries have already implemented for their people: a health-care-for-all system, which then results in these for the people:
— family physicians who maintain their private practices.
             That is, this is not socialized, where all physicians
             would work for and be paid by the government.
— more physician visits
— longer lives
— deaths under age 75 (due to preventable diseases) minimized
lower cost (per person): less than half (40%) of what we pay now
— coverage of everyone for all medically-necessary care from pre-natal until the end-of-life, instead of having over 40% of American adults being either uninsured or underinsured.

One Health Insurance Plan
— not one for each state, like the 13 that Canada has for its “states” [provinces and territories].
— the highest degree of efficiency.

Improved Medicare for All will provide the best set of benefits with the least waste of money due to unnecessary administrative costs within the U.S. multiple types of bureaucracy.

No Major Medical Bills. Our fellow Americans have documented their testimonials about there not being any major medical bills in the other free-market countries. It is time for us to read those testimonials of American individuals and families who live and work in other free-market countries.

Huge Benefit for YOU and for the U.S.A. The lowest risk and an excellent economic BONUS can be realized by the United States due to it having the largest population among free-market countries and its opportunity to implement one health insurance plan via U.S. House Resolution 676:
Lowest risk of having major medical bills and hardships (due to 1 health insurance plan for over 310 million persons)
Best negotiated prices (due to 1 public agency that replaces bureaucracy).


5. Why is everybody included?

Do ALL Americans deserve the incredible benefits from a United States health care for all system?

Yes, everbody. The simplicity of covering everyone is a contribution to efficiency.

To maximize the simplicity and the benefits ... and minimize the involvement of government ..., all Americans must be included to maximize the simplicity and the resulting efficiency of how we pay for health care.

There is a world-wide movement occurring to implement "universal healthcare", health care for all. We must implement the best health care for all system to maintain our status as the best country. This is critical for our physical and financial well-being.


5. Why we'll be the best
plus side-by-side comparisons
to other options.

Including side-by-side comparisons to these alternatives:

the original Medicare, current health insurance, the impact of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, what Congress has (FEHBP), Sanders/McDermott proposal, and the Massachusetts law.


Reasons why the USA will have
the best health care for all system

Current U.S. System
compared to improved Medicare for All ---- THE BEST
This is an overview comparison with notes added to focus on why the U.S. will be the BEST in the world compared to other free-market countries. 

Detailed Side-by-Side Comparisons

Original Medicare 
with its Parts C & D

compared to improved Medicare for All

Know yourself that "improved" means dramatically improved.

  Current Health Insurance

compared to improved Medicare for All

The benefits of moving from health care not for all to a health care for all system via improved Medicare for All (with more details about the benefits than in the above comparison of "Current U.S. System").

Health Care Reform:
The Impact of the
Affordable Care Act of 2010
compared to improved Medicare for All

Additional Comparisons

Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP)
... benefits provided to federal employees,
including members of Congress
and their families
compared to improved Medicare for All
Bernie Sanders/Jim McDermott proposal:
American Health Security Act 
compared to improved Medicare for All
Massachusetts Law compared via a list of key characteristics to
-- Affordable Care Act of 2010
-- and improved Medicare for All




Proceed to the Answers web page for answers to your questions, concerns and comments related to universal health care, improved Medicare for All and related topics.



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     Medicare for All.   

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