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Medicare for All
Medicare for All.
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Estate Recovery

Excerpt: "... a state may recover any assests
of the deceased recipient" (to help recover costs
for medical assistance provided by the government)

Overview of what estate recovery is:

  • a federal law imposed on anyone who enrolls into Medicaid in any state
  • a way for the government to recover some or all of the money that it pays for health care to those on Medicaid

Single-Payer. Estate recovery would not apply when the U.S. implements single-payer health care, improved Medicare for All. People would simply receive care and not have to worry about the related finances nor would they hire a lawyer to attempt to protect their assets.

Affordable Care Act of 2010. Estate recovery will be forced on millions of people who might have otherwise gone without insurance. Why? Because the plan is that millions more Americans have health insurance. That would be accomplished by expanding Medicaid and implementing premium assistance (subsidies). When a person is found to be eligible for Medicaid, they will be automatically enrolled into their state's Medicaid program. Those forced into Medicaid will, due to the federal law, also be forced into estate recovery. Their estates will be partly or fully taken over by the federal or state government when they die.

Estate Recovery is a Federal Requirement

Highlights of the 1993 Estate Recovery Mandate: from

  • States must pursue recovering costs for medical assistance consisting of:

    • Nursing home or other long-term institutional services;
    • Home- and community-based services;
    • Hospital and prescription drug services provided while the recipient was receiving nursing facility or home- and community-based services;
    • At State option, any other items covered by the Medicaid State Plan.
  • At a minimum, states must recover from assets that pass through probate (which is governed by state law). At a maximum, states may recover any assets of the deceased recipient.


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