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Single-Payer Support Monitor

Election Results 2008

Related to the U.S. House and U.S. Senate

United States House of Representatives

Summary: 23 Losses and 4 Wins
for Challengers who are
Single-Payer Supporters

For this website’s U.S. Congressional District information, select the desired state-district link in left “District” column of the following table. For election voting statistics select the link in the “Notes” column.

District Political
Name Win
AZ-1 Democrat Howard Shanker Loss Primary *****
AZ-6 Democrat Chris Gramazio Loss Primary
CA-24 Democrat Marta Jorgensen Loss General — CA-24 *****
CA-24 Democrat Mary Pallant *** Primary — CA-24 *****
CA-46 Democrat Debbie Cook Loss General
CA-53 Democrat Mike Copass Loss Primary
CO-2 Democrat Joan Fitz-Gerald *** Primary — CO-2
CO-2 Democrat Jared Polis Win General — CO-2 *****
FL-7 Democrat Faye Armitage Loss General *****
FL-9 Democrat Anita de Palma Loss Primary
FL-15 Democrat Stephen Blythe Loss General *****
ME-1 Democrat Chellie Pingree Win General
MI-7 Democrat Sharon Renier Loss Primary
MI-2 Democrat Scott Killips *** Dropped out of race
NC-8 Democrat John Autry *** Dropped out of race
NJ-1 Democrat Mahdi Ibn-Ziyad Loss Primary
NM-2 Democrat Al Kissling *** Dropped out of race
NM-3 Democrat Ben Lujan Win General *****
NY-13 Democrat Steve Harrison Loss Primary
NY-21 Democrat Phil Steck Loss Primary
NY-29 Democrat Eric Massa Win General *****
OH-4 Democrat Mike Carroll Loss General *****
OH-7 Democrat William (Bill) Conner Loss Primary — OH-7 *****
OH-7 Democrat Richard Wyderski *** Primary — OH-7 *****
PA-3 Democrat Mike Waltner Loss Primary *****
PA-16 Democrat Bruce Slater Loss General *****
PA-18 Democrat Steve O’Donnell Loss General
VA-4 Democrat Andrea Miller Loss General
VA-6 Democrat Sam Rasoul Loss General *****
VA-7 Democrat Anita Hartke Loss General
VA-10 Democrat Mike Turner Loss Primary *****
WI-1 Democrat Paulette Garin Loss Primary *****

United States House of Representatives: Delegates

For details, select the desired link in the following table.

DC or
Name Win
I did not follow the elections of delegates, so if anyone has anything that I should report, please contact me. Note that I report information about supportive delegates at this website, but that delegates are non-voting members of the U.S. House.

United States Senate

Summary: 2 Losses and 2 Wins
for Challengers who are
Single-Payer Supporters

For details, select the desired state link in the following table.

State Political
Name Win
MA Democrat Bill O’Reilly Loss Primary *****
MN Democrat Jim Cohen *** Dropped out of race *****
MN Democrat Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer *** Lost nomination *****
NM Democrat Tom Udall Win General *****
OR Democrat Jeff Merkley Win General
TX Democrat Ray McMurrey Loss Primary *****

Note About (the above) Election Results

Due to the lack of a Medicare for All staff person to do the work, the following information is not possible for me to provide:

  • Green Party candidates.
  • Percentage of votes cast for the primary races, which are more of a challenge to obtain than the general election results.

*** = This loss was not counted as part of the win/loss totals.

***** = The challenger is a strong single-payer supporter.

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